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Brussels--Le Chatelain 5*

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I just came back from a week (11/17-23) at Le Chatelain Hotel in Brussels, Belgium, a 5* hotel near the Avenue Louise.  The hotel is elegant, in an excellent location, and overall I had a very good time.  As a Priceline user, I didn't know how the hotel would respond to me when I checked in, but there were no problems.  As a matter of fact, they even accommodated my request to place a microwave oven at no extra charge in one of the "superior rooms," which typically do not have microwaves.

However, the only shortfall of the hotel for a Priceline user is that the hotel charged 9.28 Euro/night (about $12/night) "Brussels City Tax" EVEN THOUGH I bought the room on Priceline.  This is about a 7% tax rate.  Over my 6 night stay, that is an additional $72.  The hotel staff said they could not remove this unexpected charge. 

I know that some Priceline hotels have "hidden" charges on top of the successfully-bidded Priceline price (e.g., resorts charge about $25 "resort fee") but was not prepared for this big of an excess charge (I had successfully bid $164/night for Le Chatelain; with the additional charge, that rises to $176/night).

I am wondering if anything can be done to have this unwanted charge refunded?
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