Bid 3.5* but awarded 3* (Orlando)

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Bid 3.5* but awarded 3* (Orlando)

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09 Jun 2010, 21:41 #1

Hello! I'm hoping for some guidance on my first and only (to date) bidding problem with PL. I'm interested to know if this has happened to others. I'm a veteran PL bidder thanks to BiddingForTravel, so while I'm human and capable of mistakes, I am most certain this was not my mistake - but either a glitch with PL's system or an intentional bait and switch scam (which I don't want to think is the case). Here are the facts:
  • On 6/8/10 I checked BiddingForTravel for info on 3.5* hotels in the Sea World Intl Drive zone of Orlando. I did my pricing research at the 3.5* hotel websites, and verified that I would have 5 free rebids based on PL's zoning. Based on my research, I decided to begin at $40 and increase $3 for each free rebid to win a 3.5*.
  • I used the AB link and got to the PL page where I logged in to my account. I selected the Sea World Intl Drive zone. Next I selected the 3.5* Upscale Plus button. I entered $40 as the bid, entered my name, and continued to the next page.
  • Here's where the glitch is happening ... on the next page it downgraded me to a 3* but I didn't catch it. (I know it is a system glitch because I was just able to duplicate it a minute ago by walking through the steps again. It doesn't happen every time, but the system did repeat the problem.)
  • I completed the bid by entering my initials, not noticing the lack of the half star icon at the top of the page. An easy mistake, considering it's so tiny.
  • To my surprise, the first bid of $40 was accepted! But ... for a 3* hotel.
My customer service calls today went as scripted as you would expect. They told me they had my initials on the contract for the 3* which is true. They're not understanding that their system is either randomly or purposely (again, I hope not) downgrading the star level between the first page of the bid and the second page of the submission. They offered to charge me a one night cancellation fee, but I am declining because I don't feel this was my entirely my fault. Should I have read more carefully to catch the tiny missing half star icon? Sure. But the PL system's second page should also match the first page you entered! I feel confident in my observations since I was able to successfully duplicate the glitch today, although it does appear to be random.

I have been politely assertive with PL customer service and got nowhere, so now will continue on to the Investor Relations page to contact a VP of Customer Service or something similar. Just curious to hear your thoughts/feedback on this issue. If nothing else, I want to get a warning message out there to all BiddingForTravel members! Thanks so much for all you do!


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11 Jun 2010, 17:47 #2

Could have been a glitch - but glitch or not your experience reemphasises the importance of carefully reviewing every bid page before initialing it. As you acknowledge, you would have caught the unwanted star level if you had checked the bid page. While this situation rankles you, by posting about it at least you will help other members avoid a similar problem.