bad rooms

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bad rooms

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Does anyone feel that the priceline rooms are the worst rooms in the house?
Three out of four times I am next to the laundry, pool or somrthing just as bad.
I stay in 4 or 5 star hotels I would expect a little better service.
I wonder if I paid full price what kind of room I would get.

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My experience is that all hotels have a variety of room grades. Even on the hotel's own website, this is generally evident. And certainly in some cases, especially when a hotel is full, the clerk at check-in assigns Priceline guests rooms from the lower grades. But that is not always the case, and I've almost always been quite satisfied with the rooms I've been assigned. Hotels generally load multiple rates into their Priceline inventory, and the clerk often has no idea what amount you paid. The hotel is not forced to sell rooms on Priceline, so they should treat all guests with respect and dignity. You should demand no less.

If you have a specific example to cite, please include that information with any review you post after your stay. Cheers!
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I would respectfully submit that reality usually falls short of expectations. You are successful in securing a room at a 4-star property for a given number of nights. If you are like me, you will follow the link to the hotel's web site. Wow! Look at the pictures of the lobby, restaurant(s), and finally the rooms. What we usually see are the luxurious king rooms with flowers, maybe even a suite. Our first thought is, "Man, did I get a deal, or what?" Thereafter, for the rest of the week, I am bragging to my friends and co-workers about the fantastic "deal" I received by bidding through AB-Priceline.

Reality sets in when I am assigned to a double room, smoking, next to the elevator and ice machine, no view, or is on the outside of the building facing the traffic. Does this scenario happen every time? No. I have been fortunate on occasions to be given a inside king non-smoking room with all the great amenities ususally reserved for full paying guests.

I have talked to several property managers and they all agree that full paying or repeat loyalty customers will be given the better rooms first. Conversly, if it is a slow night, week, etc., they will certainly try to accomodate AB-Priceline customers requests within reason. Even I don't expect to be given the Presidential Suite ($750 a night) on a $65 winning bid. More often than not, upon checking in, initiating friendly small talk with the front desk staff, and presentation of the respective loyalty card, I have been put on the upper concierge floors with limited privileges. It's the luck of the draw. Other times, I am relegated to a lower floor, king or queen, and no view. Bottom line: I am not going to live in this property, I just want a place to sleep at the end of the day.

Prior to discovering BFT / AB - Priceline, I usually went to the chain's web site or the other opaque web sites to secure lodging. The savings are substantial and any inconvenience of having to stay in a double room is minimized by the low cost paid. Let me qualify this: I usually only bid on 3 or 4 star properties, so that if I do receive a room that doesn't look like the glitzy property photographs, I am getting so much more than some of the "discount" Interstate Highway motels for a whole lot less.

The old saying, "You get what you pay for", is a contradiction for us folks who use AB-Priceline. We usually get much more than what we pay for. We just have to keep our expections within reason.

My sincere thanks to all the Moderators and our missing Administrator for their patience, good humor, gentle guidiance and persuasion to help us get rooms at great prices.

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There was an article in Frommer's Magazine the November issue I believe that interviewed a hotel employee and they stated yes, any person that books through a third party, including expedia, orbitz, and the like will get the worst rooms because the hotel loses $$ paying fees to booking engine websites and selling rooms at a discounted rate.

I read on another website where someone booked through a popular online agency paying $700/nt for a room in NYC when the city was sold out and he received the worst room in the house. The hotel did not make extra money from the inflated room price, the travel agency profited.

Just check the Priceline hotel reviews before bidding for an undesirable zone/hotel.

I have also been upgraded twice or had suite upgrades for < 100 more per night when others were paying several times that.

Best advice is to read the traveler reviews here before bidding on a particular area.

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ive had the worst and the best .it depends on the hotel and who checks u inn.sometimes they hope to convert u to a real customer. the hiltin in sf is realy bad about price .they will even say your a pricelince line person when checking inn.put ive gotten the worst smelling old rooms from them to suits. its all pot luck and alot of smilling and small banter and your looks never hurt also.

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It is true that we are all bargain hunters to a degree here... it is not true that we always get the worst rooms booking 3rd party... as a matter of fact, this last weekend, we paid in the mid $300's for Le Parker Meridian in NYC, rack rate was $719. We got a great, high room corner room.

I use priceline or Hotwire for MOST of my traveling in major citires, and am most often treated well... but then again owning our company, I've come to learn that those who naturally treat people well, typically get treated well by others. Be grateful, cordial, and generally appreciated.

Or, you can behave like an ass, and get treated like an ass...

Neither rule is all encompassing or fool proof... But both are generally true. =)