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Atlanta Midtown - Renaissance 4* (formerly Hotel Palomar)

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February 4th, 2010, 5:21 pm #1

I just spent a couple of nights at the Hotel Palomar.  I checked in about 3 am and was pretty tired.  After I pulled up and called in to the front desk, a valet came out to park my car (there is no self-parking), and a bellman took care of my luggage.  After an easy check-in (no mention of Priceline), the bellman accompanied me to my room.  The elevators require your room key before they go up.  After setting down my bags, the bellman gave me a quick orientation of the room, which was just beautiful.  The decor is mostly brown woods and the fabrics/carpet are varying shades of sage.  The beds are just firm enough for my tastes.  One nice touch is the desk was quite large, with plenty of room for the tech-dependent (as more and more of us are) to lay out all their gadgets.  Wi-fi is complimentary and easy to log onto.  The best thing about the room was the bathroom - maybe not an MTV Cribs bathroom, but definitely something worthy of a posh abode.  There's a bath with shower, a WC in a separate little alcove, a walk-in shower with plenty of room for two, and a large vanity with a single sink.  The bathroom products are all Aveda.  Some adjustable, strategically-placed lighting makes the stylish bathroom look even more so.  And the whole thing is just huge.  I absolutely loved it.

I dealt with the front desk a couple of times (question about a charge and restaurant recommendations), and they were smiling and very helpful.  I took a couple of cabs, which the doorman dispatches, and they arrived quickly.  Only on my way out did I notice how stylish the lobby is.  The highlights are a large gas fireplace and a huge aquarium.  I got room service when I arrived.  Maybe the regular B/L/D room service is good because the hotel restaurant is still open (didn't check it out).  But the overnight room service was rather limited and even more mediocre.  Unfortunately, I didn't have time to check out the fitness center either.  A big plus for me was that I wasn't disturbed when I put out the "Do Not Disturb" sign, imagine that.  I really wanted to sleep in since I arrived so late, so I was grateful that housekeeping didn't even knock (a rarity for me).  Instead, they left slipped a note under my door that they were respecting my wish for privacy and that if I wanted the room serviced, I could call the front desk.

The only caveat with this hotel is that parking is $30 a day, plus a tip for the valet every in and out.  I found the Midtown location very convenient, close to a bunch of good eats, plus just two blocks from a really nice Starbucks (I'm an addict).  The hotel is pet-friendly.  I would definitely stay here again.
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