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This hotel list is meant primarily to aid bidders in knowing for which hotels they should check rates and availability.

This hotel list is NOT a comprehensive list of all hotels that may be received through Priceline. It is only a summary of the hotels that have been received in winning bids posted on this board.*  You may receive a hotel through Priceline that is not on this list; we see new hotels appear all the time.

If you don't see a particular quality level or zone on this list, that only means that someone has not posted a winning bid for that quality level and/or zone. It does NOT mean that Priceline does not offer hotels within that quality level or zone. If Priceline offers a zone or quality level on their website, it is safest to assume that they do in fact offer hotels in that zone.

All information on this list is subject to change because Priceline may:
  • add, combine, or remove zones without notice;
  • change the maximum quality level offered in any zone without notice;
  • change the rating of a particular hotel.
So before bidding, avoid unpleasant surprises: recheck the quality levels in whatever zones you plan to select. Do not use this list to determine your free rebid zones.

Please refer to the Hotel FAQ on this board for more important info to know before you place a bid.

* Some hotels may be marked "Possible" or "Not reported yet". We've added these hotels to the list even though they have not been received because they are good possibilities and provide additional rate information for an area.


Retiro - Recoleta

5 Star
Possible: Caesar Park Buenos Aires

San Nicolas - Monserrat - San Telmo - Puerto Madero

4 Star
Marriott Plaza Buenos Aires
NH Crillon [reviews]
Sheraton Libertador
Possible: Melia Buenos Aires
Possible: Sheraton Buenos Aires Hotel and Convention Center
Possible: Hilton Buenos Aires
Possible: NH City and Tower

3 Star
Imperial Park Hotel [reviews]
Possible: Room Mate Carlos
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