Advanced Free Re-Bidding for Experienced Hotel Bidders

Very important to read this category before bidding on a hotel stay. The importance of familiarizing yourself with this FAQ cannot be stressed enough. Check
regularly for updates. Both the Hotel FAQ and the Bidding Assistance Form are located in this forum.

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Advanced Free Re-Bidding for Experienced Hotel Bidders

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26 Oct 2005, 18:25 #1

Our long-time board member, verkuilb, has succinctly summarized the way to maximize the number of free re-bids for hotel bidding at http://biddingfortravel.y...-to-maximize-free-rebids

Understanding the concept of free re-bidding, as explained in Hotel FAQ #9, is the most confusing aspect of Priceline bidding for most people who have never used Priceline before. Therefore, this advanced form of free re-bidding should not be attempted until you have a complete understanding of basic free re-bidding.
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