5* Vdara - Strip Southwest $195 6/15-18

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5* Vdara - Strip Southwest $195 6/15-18

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28 May 2017, 22:17 #1

I always feel like rolling the dice on a hotel room in Vegas.    But there's a lesson here somewhere.  $269avg/night at Vdara. 
Won for $195 night with some strange math explained in the bid. My guess is they are charging the Resort Fee in person but PL tells you up front the fee is avg $40 but they don't actually collect that from you, especially since that's ridiculous "resort" fees the hotels are all charging there now.  
Express Deal was $200 in Southwest and likely was Vdara.  
Started bidding up from $125 just to see how low I could go. 

Needed 2 rooms on one of the most expensive summer weekends smack dab in the middle of June (16-17th). My entire stay is June 15-18 for 2 rooms and then needed 1 room until the 19th. The Thursday and Sunday night rate was cheap with the Friday-Saturday being MONEY, at all hotels on The Strip. That's normal, no problem, I get the game.  However, I cheated myself! I got caught up in the 'average room' price scheme, ensuring I got 2 rooms at the same property, and forgot I should have also separated my Thursday night from the bid. ARRGH.  

Anyway, overall, I saved money.  I am happy. That's all that counts, right?

I should have bid Fri-Sat night only for the 2 room, confirming the same potential results were available (easier since I was targeting 5* choices which are more limited and somewhat easier to identify thanks to you awesome folks here at BFT!

I've stayed at Vdara before. It's a nice place.  Nice pool. Yes, the Vdara Death Ray is real. Strangely quiet and sterile in the lobby but that's refreshing, like a getaway from all the other casino things while there and Aria is 100 steps across the way. 


Offer price:$195.00/night
Adjusted room price (bid) with Hotel Fee Credit:$194.82/night
Hotel fee:$238.08
Number of rooms:2 rooms
Number of nights:3 nights

Room subtotal:$1,170.00
Taxes & fees:$195.06
Hotel fee credit:- $1.08
Total charged today:$1,363.98

Total cost:$1,602.06 
Savings:You saved 26%*
  • Prices are in USD.
  • This hotel charges a hotel fee. We are giving you a credit for the difference.
  • You will be charged the hotel fee by the property at check-out.
  • This itinerary including Summary of Charges is your official receipt.
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29 May 2017, 01:04 #2

Thank you for posting your bid. What is the Death Ray? Did you remember to bid through our Priceline link?

You would only have gotten a better deal by splitting your bid if you got a different hotel.
Please place all of your Priceline bids through our Priceline link.
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