5* Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel N/E Prague 10/27 $83 *ExpressDeal

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5* Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel N/E Prague 10/27 $83 *ExpressDeal

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21 Oct 2014, 19:11 #1

This is a crazy one, but on the ExpressDeal page this is what was listed -

N/E Prague
Guest Favorite
Restaurant, Fitness Center, Airport Shuttle, Free Internet, Business Center

When I went to the next page there was an option, "Choose Bed". First choice was $83 for non-smoking standard room, second choice was $155 for non-smoking room. I chose the $83 and proceeded. The hotel that came up was the Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel. Here's the crazy part, this hotel has a rating of 6.7 on PL with three reviews. I've never had this happen before where it states the hotel will be an 8 rating and the hotel is actually 6.7. I called PL, the lady I spoke to didn't seem to know very much, but she gave me the option to cancel or receive 20% off this booking. I looked this hotel up online to see the reviews on other websites, and it actually has really good reviews. I'll probably stay with this hotel because the other reviews are positive and the location is perfect for us. I thought this was interesting because this has never happened to me before. 

I did use the link!!

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21 Oct 2014, 20:21 #2

Thank you for making your purchase through our link to Priceline. Very strange there. I really hope it works well for you. At least it's for next week so you won't be stewing over this for a long time.
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