4* The Paul, Chelsea, Aug 19, 2017 $165 + $43.05 = $208.05 Name Your Own Price

There are hotels at all quality levels in NYC that can accommodate one bed only. Very risky to bid for one room if your party consists of more than two people.
Please do not ask about this as there is really nothing else to add.

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4* The Paul, Chelsea, Aug 19, 2017 $165 + $43.05 = $208.05 Name Your Own Price

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I bid over several nights, using the link on bidding for travel, taking advantage of the 32 different zones in new york city. This of course required a big map on my kitchen table, and a spreadsheet, to be sure I was not going to end up in a zone far away from where we wanted to be, but still allowed me to take advantage of all the many free rebid zones. I bid from 2 1/2 * up to 5*, preferring to be exactly where we ended up, mid way up Manhattan, in Chelsea. 

This hotel, although 4*, was BUNK BEDS!!! They tried to upsell us for $40 upon checkin and then later reduced that to $30. We declined and sucked up the very small dorm size room with 2 single bunk beds. They were comfortable, the room was clean, and quiet. Comically there were 3 tv's, but you'd have to be a contortionist to watch them... heck you had to be a contortionist to have a shower, but it all worked out. Breakfast was included with a $1.50/person "surcharge" which I knew about in advance from other reviews I read, although not everyone was asked to pay that so it may be a special thing for priceline bids. Its the only time I've actually been told upon checkin' "oh, you paid a really low rate through agoda.com [the middle man I guess] and your rate is for bunk beds". A huge shock, but it didn't ruin our trip. I contacted Priceline and they said they would look into this and get back to me.

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