4* Scottsdale Plaza Resort, 1/21-23, $95

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4* Scottsdale Plaza Resort, 1/21-23, $95

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14 Jan 2016, 19:51 #1

This hotel was the cheapest 4* among the PL standard rates at $119, on sale from $179.  Kayak showed it at $179 on the various sites, including PL.  Based on amenities, ratings, and the price listed, I also figured out that it was listed as an option under Express Deals at $106, down from $177 (i.e. $177 had a line through it).

I bid 75, 80, and 85 and was offered a re-bid at 85 for $136.  I bid 90 and 93 and was offered the same re-bid of $136 again at 93.  I then bid 95 and it was accepted.  I probably should've factored in spectromen's recent bid for close dates and saved myself $1/night by bidding $94, but I wasn't thinking.

Taxes and fees brought the total to $226.94 for the two nights.  PL also indicated that the hotel would charge $46 for hotel/resort fees (as expected).

I used the PL link on this site.

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