4*Rosen Plaza (Int'l. Dr.-Conv. Ctr. area) $94, 04/06/2016 1 night

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4*Rosen Plaza (Int'l. Dr.-Conv. Ctr. area) $94, 04/06/2016 1 night

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04 Apr 2016, 20:26 #1

(( I used the link ))

I guess there must be a conference in town. I've been watching the prices for a few days. I did a bid up to $79 no luck. the price of my bid was about the same as the express deal of $95. The Hyatt was $94 but add the service fee and parking it becomes expensive.

I'm cool with the results. ( I miss the lower prices in this zone for a 4* )

Room price: $95.00/night
Number of rooms: 1 room
Number of nights: 1 night
Room subtotal: $95.00
Taxes & fees: $20.57
Total charged today: $115.57

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04 Apr 2016, 23:14 #2

Thank you for placing your bid through our link to Priceline. It's still Spring Break in some areas.
Please place all of your Priceline bids through our Priceline link.
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