4* Renaissance Club Sport Walnut Creek 6/5-6/7 $127

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4* Renaissance Club Sport Walnut Creek 6/5-6/7 $127

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Successfully bid on a room at the Renaissance Club Sport Walnut Creek (4 Stars) for Friday night June 5 and Saturday night June 6 - turned away at $126 per night, bid accepted was $127 per night.  If bidding for this hotel, the only four star hotels in this area are Renaissance Club Sport Walnut Creek and the Lafayette Park Hotel (higher priced than RCSWC) - bid not accepted?  You can change the Priceline parameters on Name Your Own Price safely by adding areas (Walnut Creek proper is area "12"), you can safely add one area at a time and change price by one dollar without changing star level since the following areas do not have any 4 Star hotels:
10 - San Ramon
8 - Pleasanton
4 - Livermore
1 - Antioch-Oakley-Pittsburg

Note that the Marriott Walnut Creek is listed as 3.5 stars, is a couple blocks from RCSWC, discount rates are listed about $20 cheaper than RCSWC, and you should be winning a bid lower than that.
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