4* Miami Coral Gables - Hyatt Regency Coral Gables 6/17-21 $76

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4* Miami Coral Gables - Hyatt Regency Coral Gables 6/17-21 $76

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15 Jun 2016, 16:44 #1

Tried $70, then $72, $74 and got it at $76 using free rebids.

Offer price: $76.00/night
Number of rooms: 1 room
Number of nights: 4 nights
Room subtotal: $304.00
Taxes & fees: $57.56
Total charged today: $361.56
Total charged: $361.56

bid via the BFT link on the upper right.  But that link took me to a general priceline page, unlike before.

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15 Jun 2016, 16:58 #2

Thank you for placing your bids through our link to Priceline. As to the searchbox, the same thing happened to me the other day.
Please place all of your Priceline bids through our Priceline link.
Please check rates at Hotwire and make your bookings through our Hotwire link.