4* Marriott Timber Lodge S. Lake Tahoe 5/16-5/19 $80

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4* Marriott Timber Lodge S. Lake Tahoe 5/16-5/19 $80

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08 May 2017, 06:09 #1

Lowest rate was $126 on the website, and there was an Express Deal that matched the amenities of this hotel for $84.

None of the other 4* hotels were anywhere near the zip code on rates.

Used permutations (search Administrator Announcements for permutations) to go from $51 up in $3 increments.  There were 4 free rebid cities (Carson City, Gardnerville, North Lake Tahoe, Truckee).   I must mention that very early in the bidding process I got a 'generous' offer that if I was willing to up my bid to $90 it would be 'reconsidered' -- which I politely refused, each and every time it occurred.

South Lake Tahoe (SLT) $51
SLT / Carson $55
SLT / Gardnerville $57
SLT / North Lake Tahoe (NLT) $60
SLT / Truckee $63
SLT / Carson City / Gardnerville $66
SLT / Carson City / NLT $69
SLT / Carson City/ Truckee $72
SLT / Gardnerville / NLT $75
SLT / Gardnerville / Truckee $78
SLT / NLT / Truckee $80 <-- Accepted

Offer price:$80.00/night
Number of rooms:1 room
Number of nights:3 nights

Room subtotal:$240.00
Taxes & fees:$49.56
Total charged today:$289.56

Total charged:$289.56 
Savings:You saved 38%*

All bids placed by first clicking on the Priceline link from BFT each time around -- of course.

The hotel website says they have valet and no self-parking.  The valet fee is a very generous $29/night.  xAgent 007x said that you can park free at Harveys, but I am preparing myself for the $29 fee in case it happens.  Even with that I am still well under the advertised rate of $126/night at a very nice property with a kitchenette, so it is all good.  I will report back after my stay as to if parking at Harvey's is still permitted or not.  It is likely that the low rate we scored was due to it being a midweek stay, but I live locally, so midweek works fine with me and my schedule.

Thanks so much to xAgent 007x for the intel on this property and advice on where to bid.  Having a kitchenette in uber-expensive Tahoe is a HUGE savings.  This is my first trip to Lake Tahoe so I am very excited.  Thanks to Sheryl and the team for all the work you have done to make my life and other BFT readers' lives better over the years.  Blessings to all of you.

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08 May 2017, 17:03 #2

To expand further re valet, Timberlodge has always had valet only and no self-parking. I think you can avoid the valet fee by self parking, either at Harvey's or there's a public lot not too far from the backside of the TL property. The public parking for overnight might run $20/24 hours (check online for cost) so the valet would be of value if you want that convenience.

I'd still shoot for parking at Harvey's for free and you can easily walk to the TL as both are next to each other, again on the backside of TL and Harvey's lot.

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08 May 2017, 18:50 #3

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