4* InterContinental Presidente Mexico City Reforma 11/14-11/17 $100

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4* InterContinental Presidente Mexico City Reforma 11/14-11/17 $100

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19 Nov 2012, 14:55 #1

Bid using many combinations using hotel zone, hotel zone south, north beach and some rebid zones starting at $55 but couldn't hit for 10-12 tries.

This hotel was nice though and has easily the best beach on the north side of the hotel zone.  They put me in a garden room which actually was nice because it had a walkout patio with hammock.  Just no open view of ocean from that low.  Good trade off though so I'm happy.

Used http://www.amazing-bargains.com link.
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Thank you for posting your bid. What is Hotel Zone? Please post your bids when you obtain them.

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