4* Hyatt Regency Downtown 8/1 $55

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4* Hyatt Regency Downtown 8/1 $55

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01 Aug 2014, 17:15 #1

Interesting story...

The express price was $58 for 4* downtown.  I clicked on this to hold it while I tried to get a better bid price.

Started with $45, knowing I had 11 possible rebids.   Priceline came back with a $62 counteroffer.

Then with 2$ increments I finally hit on $55.  Sure it only saved $3+, but it was good to see how the automated system worked here. 

As always, used the BFT link.
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Thank you for placing your bid through our link to Priceline. There is no way to hold an Express Deal because the system rechecks availability after you click the Buy button. Others have reported doing that (not for your same purpose) and inventory was no longer available.
Please place all of your Priceline bids through our Priceline link.
Please check rates at Hotwire and make your bookings through our Hotwire link.