4* Hotel Jen Hong Kong (Sheung Wan-HK University) $68 6/6/15

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4* Hotel Jen Hong Kong (Sheung Wan-HK University) $68 6/6/15

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Search all hotels in Hong Kong on 2015 06 04(2015June04).
Area of Hotel : Sheung Wan - the university of Hong Kong .
Hotel name : Hotel Jen Hong Kong     ( Formerly Trader Hotel )
Bidding date : 2015 June 04 .
check in : 2015 June 06
check out : 2015 June 07 
Stay : one night only 
Room Qty. : one room only , Superior Room type , The actually condition in room is same with the picture shown on Priceline .  it can hold two adults , have twin bed in room( two beds , width of each bed is about 1.2meter )
Finally bidding price : 420RMB($68USD)/per night not including any tax&fee , 512RMB/per night including all tax and fee .
Express Deal in priceline : 527RMB/per night NOt include tax and fee . Save 62% off or more . Guest Rating : 7+ .  4-star .

My Bidding steps :  
( Note : the price of each bidding did not include any tax and fee )
1. bid 350RMB , failed 
2. bid 370RMB , failed 
3. bid 390RMB , failed 
4. bid 400RMB , failed 
5. bid 420RMB , Won it successfully . it is Hotel Jen Hong Kong . 

Hotel Jen Hong Kong is VERY NEAR the B2 Exit of HK university Metro station . will see this hotel easily when get out of exit B2 of Metro in HK University .
7-eleven shop , some small supermarket , some restaurant are very near by Hotel Jen Hong Kong . so many Korean , Japanese , Foreigner from Europe have checked in this hotel in the front desk . the staff and service is good for me .

Hope that it can help you or for your reference if  you need .

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