4* Boca Raton Marriott at Boca Center Sun 2/26/17-Mon 2/27/17 $90

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4* Boca Raton Marriott at Boca Center Sun 2/26/17-Mon 2/27/17 $90

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02 Mar 2017, 03:54 #1

We accessed Priceline through the BFT link. 

We needed one room for one night, for the same night.   

I had a Court Hearing on Monday morning in West Palm Beach.  We thought the case was going to settle, and the hearing would be dismissed.  Therefore, although I had been researching and following Priceline Express Deals all week, I was not going to purchase anything until the last minute.  There were some good Express Deals in West Palm Beach, all week.  When the case had not settled by Saturday night, I had to travel to Florida early on Sunday.  (The case actually did settle at about 5:00 pm Sunday, so we had to go to the hearing on Monday morning.  It is hard to complain, since the Florida weather was perfect!)

Using my iPad on Sunday afternoon once I was in Florida, I found that all of the good West Palm Beach Express Deals had vanished, and the hotels which had been at good prices, such as $93 for the 3 Star Hyatt Place with a Priceline Customer Rating of 9.1, had all doubled.

I found a $100 Express Deal for a 4 Star hotel in Boca Raton with free parking, about a 25 minute drive from the Court in West Palm Beach.  The Express Deal showed the hotel had an 8+ Priceline Customer Rating.   The Priceline Retail list showed the hotel should be the Marriott.  

The Marriott had a Priceline Retail rate of more than $180.

I found there were 2 additional Boca Raton zones which did not have 4 Star hotels, which gave me a total of 3 bids.

Based upon the $100 Express Deal, I first bid $80, and was rejected.  I then bid $85, and was rejected.  I then bid $90, and was accepted.  This saved $10 off the Express Deal.
This is an excellent hotel at a very good price.  It is in a very upscale area, with nice restaurants.  


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02 Mar 2017, 07:31 #2

Thank you for posting your bid, and for bidding through our Priceline link.
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