4.5* Sofitel New York Rockefeller Center 4/29/17 $199

There are hotels at all quality levels in NYC that can accommodate one bed only. Very risky to bid for one room if your party consists of more than two people.
Please do not ask about this as there is really nothing else to add.

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4.5* Sofitel New York Rockefeller Center 4/29/17 $199

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25 Apr 2017, 18:54 #1

Started at $119 in $10 increments to $199 using free rebid zones.  Decent price, 30% off hotel list, and $25 less than Hotwire.

Used link.

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26 Apr 2017, 01:12 #2

Thank you for placing your bid through our Priceline link. Lovely hotel.
Please place all of your Priceline bids through our Priceline link.
Please check rates at Hotwire and make your bookings through our Hotwire link.