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4.5* Madrid - Hilton Madrid Airport - June 7 $73 Express Deal

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May 2nd, 2015, 3:35 am #1

This is an awesome deal!  Used your priceline link always always!!!!  thank you!

I am going to be in Madrid for a conference, and the conference is at Hilton Madrid Airport, so booking an extra night here, and do some sightseeing before meeting starts!

Deal type:Express Deal
Room price:$73.00 /night$73.00 avg./night
Offer price:$73.00 /night
Number of rooms:1 room
Number of nights:1 night

Room subtotal:$73.00
Taxes & fees:$13.91
Total charged today:$86.91
For transactions involving hotels located within certain jurisdictions, the charge to your debit or credit card for Taxes and Fees includes a payment of tax that we are required to collect and remit to the jurisdiction for tax owed on amounts we retain as compensation for our services.
Please note that we are unable to facilitate a rebate of Canadian Goods and ServicesTax ("GST") for customers booking Canadian hotel accommodations utilizing our services. For bookings in Canada, the charges may also include destination marketing fees collected by the hotel and passed along to tourist bureaus.
For this transaction, the amount you were charged relating to Taxes was $6.35. The amount you were charged for Service Fees was $6.35 .

Total Priceline charges:$86.91
Total room charges:$86.91
Hotel fee: Hotel fee:(€)
Mandatory fee of is collected at the hotel.
Total cost: Total charged:$86.91 USD