4.5* Back Bay -- Lenox Hotel, 9/18, $215

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4.5* Back Bay -- Lenox Hotel, 9/18, $215

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20 Sep 2017, 20:26 #1

I wanted a 4.5* hotel in Back Bay, and I didn't have much room for maneuver since the trip came up at the last minute. That meant I had to get something for the same day. 

Worse, the Fairmont Copely Plaza was charging $500, the Eliot was charging $395, and the Lenox $325; all according to their websites. Pretty steep prices.

At the same time, I had a few things to work with.

1. There was an Express Deal for $219 (in this location, this star level), which I suspected was the Lenox.

2. I had many free rebids, because PL offers 24 different neighborhoods in the Boston area, very few of which have 4.5* hotels. 

So I started at $150, using the BFT link. I had no luck at that price, so I kept raising my bid by $10. I finally reached $210, and still I didn't get any acceptance. Very frustrating, especially since I knew that you can often get the Express Deal hotel for less if you use Name Your Own Price.

More out of curiosity, just to see if I could get any discount at all from the ED price, I bid $215. Bingo! The Lenox said yes.

Not the biggest discount. But it is a really nice hotel. And it's better than paying full price.

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24 Sep 2017, 16:15 #2

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