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3* Ibis on Bencoolen $112 Feb. 8 and 9, 2011

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No bargains for me in Singapore!


Started at $80 for 5* on Orchard Road increasing in $2 increments to the three free rebid zones of East Coast, Financial and Riverside.  Then I added City Hall/Marina Bay and Bugis as alternate 5* locations.  After 3 days, I had no luck at all bidding to $112.


Tried 4* for all locations bidding in $2 increments over 4 days from $66 to $100.  No luck.

Finally, I continued with 3* over all zones starting at $76 and increased in $2 increments to $102 where I got the Ibis Singapore On Bencoolen.  With taxes and fees, the total cost for 2 nights is $249.66.  This is just about what on line booking agencies are charging.

I am absolutely delighted with the hotel and location but the only benefit seems to be for Bidding For Travel because I used the A-B link!  No regrets as you have saved me tons of $ over the years.
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