3* Hotel 1333 Tempe North 11/5 $50

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3* Hotel 1333 Tempe North 11/5 $50

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03 Nov 2015, 20:26 #1

This seems to be the renamed Sheraton Four Points on Rural Road, retail price is $119.  It also is currently a $59 Express Buy.  I started this morning bidding at $45 in 2.5* for that zone, Tempe North/ASU. I had my eye on the Red Lion or Country Inn.  I used the single FRZ (Apache), and each new bid raised a counteroffer pointing to $57.  When I reached $50 this upgrade happened.  I am not sure I am pleased, the location is a little less convenient for me than the others, and Yelp reviews though few in number are terrible.  

I started each bid from the BFT keychain logo.

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04 Nov 2015, 03:18 #2

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