3* EWR Springhill Suites 10/12 $66 CDN

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3* EWR Springhill Suites 10/12 $66 CDN

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September 1st, 2014, 8:20 am #1

Not sure if I use the link - if not sorryNeed a room on my connection flight and rates for EWR are around US$130+ for most 3* hotel around the airport

Bidded $66 CDN and got this on the first bid...so thinking should have gone lower, am happy as still a very good rate (over 50+% off)
[font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']652 Route 1 & 9 South[/font]
[font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']Newark, NJ 07114[/font][font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']
[font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']Check-In[/font]
[font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']Sunday, October 12, 2014[/font] [font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']at 03:00 PM[/font]
[font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']Check-Out[/font]
[font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']Monday, October 13, 2014[/font] [font=ARIAL, 'SANS-SERIF']at 12:00 PM[/font]
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