3.5* Sheraton Suites Key West 3/25-3/27 $225

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3.5* Sheraton Suites Key West 3/25-3/27 $225

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28 Mar 2014, 03:17 #1

  • Key West New + Key West Old: 3.5* - $200 Rejected ($253 counter offer)
  • KW New + KW Old + Gateway: 3.5* - $215 Rejected ($266 counter offer)
  • KW New + KW Old + Marathon: 3.5* - $225 Accepted
Total: $522.68
Retail: $830.25
Savings: $307.59
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I had some extra time in south FL after a work event and decided to cross Key West off my list. Terrible decision this time of year. Don't know what the hell I was thinking. I'm thankful I didn't have to pay full price for the privilege of enduring the experience, but still disappointed at how much I actually did spend. I would've been happier flushing the cash down the drain and saving myself 8 hours in the car.

This hotel was like a super-caffeinated Disney resort, full of children running up and down the halls, yelling and screaming until 4AM. I had to call security repeatedly throughout the night about the two parties on our floor. Additionally, they stuck us in what felt like the smallest room possible. Even though this is an all-suites hotel, our room was smaller than my college dorm room -- and it had oversized furniture, which meant there was no room to do anything but sit on the bed. No closet space, no electrical outlets. Just big furniture and no floorspace.

I communicated my disappointment about the experience when checking out and the clerk waived the resort fee, which I believe was going to be an additional $45. Said she would've done more, but was limited because of the prepaid Priceline rate. Can't wait to never return to this hotel (or Key West) again -- unless you're buying drinks, Sheryl! 

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28 Mar 2014, 03:24 #2

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