3.5* Millenium DT 7/16 $80

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3.5* Millenium DT 7/16 $80

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We needed a hotel Tuesday 7/16 for after the Jimmy Buffett concert. I first tried 4* in zones 6 (downtown Cincy) and 11 (Riverfront KY) for $75, this was not accepted. I decided to rebid including 3.5* options and added $5 to make an $80 bid. This was successful and am booked at the Millennium Downtown Cincinnati.

Most hotels in these areas, on the hotel websites, were showing no availability due to the show. The Millennium showed openings with the hotel's website rate being closer to $155-180 so this ended up being a pretty good deal.
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Thank you for posting your bid. It wasn't necessary to raise your bid when you lowered the quality level as that often causes an overbid. You had several free re-bids. Free re-bidding is explained in our Hotel FAQ.

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