3.5* DoubleTree by Hilton Newark/Fremont 04/23~-4/25 2nights $50

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3.5* DoubleTree by Hilton Newark/Fremont 04/23~-4/25 2nights $50

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12 Apr 2015, 07:32 #1

Try many times bidding 4* and above Hotels in Palo Alto/Redwood city/Mountain View/SunnyVale/Santa Clara/San Jose/Cupertina area, and no success even with >$84. Try 3.5*/>$75 in these areas, no luck at all. Seeing priceline express deal in Newwark/Fremont 3.5* at $57. Included it and bid at $50. It was accepted.

3.5* DoubleTree by Hilton Newark/Fremont
39900 Balentine Drive, Newark , CA

Purchase date:    Apr 12, 2015
Deal type:    Name Your Own Price
Offer price:    $50.00 /night
Number of rooms:    1 room
Number of nights:    2 nights
Room subtotal:    $100.00
Taxes & fees:    $20.78
Total charged today:    $120.78

Used BFTs PL links to the right for my bidding.

Great place to find information and share. Thanks BFT!

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12 Apr 2015, 13:56 #2

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