3.5* Brentwood/Westwood area 10/31/17, Hotel Angeleno, $139

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3.5* Brentwood/Westwood area 10/31/17, Hotel Angeleno, $139

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29 Oct 2017, 20:04 #1

on 10/27: For the 4*, started bidding@ $95, arbitrarily.  My bidding limit was $145, and I had a lot of hope:)
4* hotels were priced as 342(W), 239(Palomar), and 275(Luxe), plus taxes and fees per their websites.  Started at $95, quit @ $145, sighed a lot.

Checked today, 10/29, hotels were same price, so dropped my level to 3.5*.  The sole hotel in BFT list at that star was Hotel Angeleno, going for $179, topping out @ $207 for the night with taxes and fees. Began bidding @$95 again because I'm so full of it(hope, you pottymouths).  Went up at $4 increments till I hit $123, then $2 increments- because I figured this was the beginning of likely winning bid zone- till accepted @ $139, w/taxes and fees: $169.42  

Checked the express deal 3.5* which likely would also be the Hotel Angeleno:  146+t/f= $181.97, so I saved around $12 over express deals, and about $38 over Hotel Angeleno's own website.  

I would have been willing to drop to 2.5*, but of the 2 hotels listed on BFT's hotel list, the likely win would have put me too far from where I need to be in the morning.  

All bidding done through BFT's priceline link.  Thanks!
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30 Oct 2017, 00:34 #2

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