2* Williamsport:New Columbia, Quality Inn, $45, 12/27/2015

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2* Williamsport:New Columbia, Quality Inn, $45, 12/27/2015

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Right off I-80 and there appears to be only two hotels at the exit..  There were 2 Express Deals for this zone and no restaurants/gas, etc. other than a Bonanza Steakhouse which is inside the Quality Inn.  Priceline let me "unwwrap" the 2* so I knew this was going to be the 2* Quality Inn.  When unwrapped, the Quality Inn. was labeled 8.0/10 and Express Deal price was $49.  The other hotel is the 2-1/2* Holiday Inn Express which is right next door.  

Note: Priceline now has New Columbia as a separate zone from Lewisburg.  Update your hotel listings?

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