2.5* Riverwalk, Fairfield Inn Alamo Plaza $59 12/25-29

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2.5* Riverwalk, Fairfield Inn Alamo Plaza $59 12/25-29

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25 Oct 2017, 03:08 #1

Tried bidding 2.5* $55 a few days ago without success.  PL has been showing an Express Deal at $58 or $59 for these dates that I identified as being this property, but ever time I tried to book it, I received the dreaded "Hotel inventory changes constantly, and this deal is no longer available" message.  And yet, PL continued to list it for the past week in their Express Deals.  Tonight it was at just $58.  So I figured, if it wasn't available at $55, I could probably at least get the Express Deal rate through the bidding process.  And that's what I did.  

I like Fairfield Inns, so I'm happy with this (except the $24 valet parking fee).