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2.5* Holiday Inn Express Pittsburgh-Bridgeville 10/10-10/12 (2 Rooms) $101

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12:34 AM - Oct 09, 2014 #1

This hotel may now be confirmed on the BFT hotel list for this zone.

Holiday Inn Express Pittsburgh-Bridgeville 

Pittsburgh South 

3053 Washington Pike, Bridgeville, PA  15017 

Hotels in the I-79 corridor from Greentree to Washington ridiculously unwilling to provide a meaningful discount for the opacity of Priceline NYOP.  List rate for this hotel on this night has been a steady $126/night for 2 weeks. I've been bidding in the Washington-Canonsburg zone (no free rebids), the Pitts-Greentree zone and the Pitts-South zone for the past 2 weeks, with bids approaching 70% of retail, with no luck.  Counteroffers were predictable and invariant.  

This evening, I started with a bid of $99 for Canonsburg 3*, which was refused with a counteroffer of +$27. No free rebids, express deal available at $116.  Both 3* hotels in that zone had $149 list rates.  So neither was willing to accept even a 33% discount in exchange for opacity!

My bids for 2.5* in the Pitts-South zone were:

$90: refused/counteroffer of +$24

$95: refused

$97: refused

$99: refused/counteroffer of +$15

$101: accepted.  A measly 20% off rack rate.

The same hotel via Express Deal was $104/night, plus a whopping $83.56 fees/taxes for a total of $499.56.  

Clearly the Express Deals over-charge on fee and taxes--the $12 additional room cost carried a 100% tax/fee rate!

Check-In: Fri, Oct 10, 2014 / After 04:00 PM

Check-Out: Sun, Oct 12, 2014 / 11:00 AM

Offer Price: US$ 101.00

Rooms: 2

Nights: 2 

Room Subtotal: US$ 404.00

Taxes & Fees: US$ 70.76

Total Charged to Card: US$ 474.76

Of course I booked via the link to Priceline here on BFT.  
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12:45 AM - Oct 09, 2014 #2

Thank you for using our link to Priceline. You don't need to double post a Hotel List change as tilepusher reads the posts.
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