2-1/2* Palm Springs Downtown Caliente Tropics 1/29-2/1 $53

Resort fees are prevalent in certain zones. Keep in mind that some hotels charge excessive resort fees which you may be unable to dispute as Priceline now states on their website that these fees are your responsibility.

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2-1/2* Palm Springs Downtown Caliente Tropics 1/29-2/1 $53

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27 Jan 2017, 20:52 #1

Retail price had been hovering about $90.  It was an unlocked Express Deal in low $70s then today dropped to $72 retail and $56 as an unlocked Express deal.  At the moment I write it's back to $63 as an unlocked Express Deal.  I bid NYOP to undercut the $56 Express Deal.  That carried some risky because there are two other 2.5* hotels in this zone in a roughly similar price range, but those hotels I do not like as well. 

First bid was $51, another bid of $52 raised a CO of $62 at which point I added uptown at $53, which won. In the uptown zone the 2.5* hotels are not price-competitive with the 2.5* hotels downtown.  Total for three nights is just under $202 including the modest resort fee this hotel charges.

PL disclosed an $8 hotel charge as the total for the 3 nights (a/k/a "resort fee").   In fact it was $9.13 so in the amount PL collected on the bid acceptance screen, they credited back the small difference.  I am glad to see more forthright behavior around these resort fees. When they are undisclosed or disclosed only generally or vaguely it muddies the situation. 

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