1* Days Inn, Rutland Nov. 23-24 $59

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1* Days Inn, Rutland Nov. 23-24 $59

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21 Nov 2017, 02:14 #1

  Super-budget overnight on Thanksgiving (just sleep & check out) ... rates are pretty rough at higher star levels.  Wouldn't have bid if PL didn't assure at least a 7 satisfaction rating; some budget hotels in Rutland get absolutely awful numbers & I'd never risk getting one of them.

   PL has an Express Deal at $63 that is assuredly this hotel, so tried NYOP.

   Signed into PL through Sheryl's link and bid $59; PL responded with the message along the lines of "your offer has very little chance of being accepted."  I left it at $59 and planned to go to $61 by adding the Okemo zone if necessary, and then just taking the Express Deal.

   But $59 was accepted. 😇

Name-your-own-price:  $59      plus  $11.88 in taxes and fees brings the full cost to $70.88
Express Deal :              $63      plus $13.97 in taxes and fees brings the full cost to  $76.97
Wyndam website:         $80.99 plus $  8.10 in taxes and fees brings the full cost to  $89.09

thanks & happy Thanksgiving to Sheryl, Tilepusher and everyone at BFT

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21 Nov 2017, 15:50 #2

Thank you for placing your bid through our link to Priceline.  Happy Thanksgiving to you as well.
Please place all of your Priceline bids through our Priceline link.
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