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21 Jun 2011, 03:10 #1

Narutoverse was a world where ninja fought within their hidden villages, a world where no villages had treaties or alliances. This unbalance was because of something that the Akatsuki did many years ago, unevenly diverging the existence of the biju, or tailed chakra beast. Because of this the villages went to war, and soon some were much bigger and stronger than the other. Eventually all of the villages were afraid that all of the other villages were becoming too powerful. All villages became centers of war.

That is until one day a sage was born. The first sage stopped wars hundreds of years ago, and the second one did the same this time. Instead of giving out tailed beast as the first sage had done, for obviously this hadn't worked, this time he stored them away inside of inantimate objects, such as jars or tea pots. However, this was after all of the villages had gone into insane wars and fought one another murderously. Few shinobi remained.

Those who did remain however sought to make the world a better and more peaceful place, but for how long can that last? With the sage now dead and the shinobi world with such few people, can it really grow up to be a mature adult, or will it once again become stooped in evil? And will the Akatsuki eventually rise with little stopping them from collecting the biju. Only a jar lid...What will happen?

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