Genetics;i need em! hahaha..

Discuss the potential results of your breedings from a genetic perspective!

Genetics;i need em! hahaha..

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23 Mar 2011, 00:23 #1

Hey Guys, I have a teeenyy tiny problem with genetics. learning bettas in 4 yrs has been awesome! HAHAHA!! But I haven't had enough with genetics! HAHAHAHA...

1)Green Lace HM x Green Dragon HMPK;
Green Lace HM: Genetics Unknown.
Green Dragon HMPK: is F3 of a Green Dragon line. She doesn't actually have red present. Her fins are dark, blackish. Her lin below;

F1 Steel Blue HMPK x Green Dragon HMPK;
F2 Green Dragon x Green Dragon HMPK.
She is produced in F2. There was a few green masks , not dragon, its a masked male.. I bought 2 pairs + 1 male from this batch...

2)How do you actually make "Teal" and "Blonde"?
3)How do you breed metallic fish? like Metallic RB, Turq, SB, Green? How do you breed the metallic into them..

Im planning. Im buying tubs this time for grow-outs outside :D.
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