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Hi everyone. I am Natalia O’Hera. I am going to tell you all about my family.

My dad Nathan Alec Petersen is 54 and was born 1/2/1958. He teaches for Tae Kwon Do and has taught at a school in Tulsa for the ten years. He is still teaching at the school Neighboring City which he has been doing for the last five years.

My mother Jane (Janie) Stephanie Petersen is also 54 and was born 1/3/1958. She teaches Foreign Languages to middle and high school students, although she prefers Spanish and Latin. She is also teaching English as well.

My oldest sister is Julianna Amber Petersen but everyone calls her Julie. She recently went back to her maiden last name after she lost her husband Carson Winslow and her fiancé Dieterich Fiedler. She is currently dating Ryan Hansen. Her birthday is 3/17/1981. She teaches Foreign Languages to middle and high school students like my mom.

She is now the mother of nine kids. She has thirteen year old Valentina (Val) Patience, eleven year old Maximilian (Max) Justice, nine year old twins Constantine (Stan) Percival and Amaryllis (Amary) Honor, four year old twins Lucretia Charity and Zachariah Chance and two year old Christabella Serenity and eight month old Janelle Freedom. She is also five months pregnant with a little boy named Demetrius Reliance.

Valentina Patience or Val was born 12/26/1999. Val was very close to Carson and Dieterich but she is however closer to Ryan.

Maximilian Justice or Max is nine months younger then Val. He was born 9/29/2000. He is still a huge Momma’s boy.

Constantine Percival and Amaryllis Honor or Stan and Amary are my first set of twins. They were born on 3/17/2003 which happens to be my birthday. Stan is very close to Ryan and loves being able to rough house with him. Amary loves being able to help with her little siblings a lot more now that she is older..

Just after getting engaged to Carson she found out that she was pregnant with their first two children, Lucretia Charity and Zachariah Chance were born 7/8/2008. They are the ones that Julie thought would have the most trouble attaching to Ryan and they attached easily.

Her next daughter is Christabella Serenity. She was born on her Dad’s birthday of 3/28/2010. She is very close to my daughter Ronnie.

Her youngest child so far is eight month old Janelle Freedom. She was born May 21, 2012. She is very much a Daddy’s girl.

She is also five months pregnant with a little boy named Demetrius Reliance. He is due June 1, 2013.

My oldest brother Jude Hunter was born 7/31/1985, and is still dating Megan Patterson. He is also a great father of two beautiful little girls named Leah Nicole Liberty and Annabella Carina Charity. Their mother left after Annabella was born. She actually didn’t want Annabella due to her having Down Syndrome. But he convinced her not to terminate the pregnancy like she wanted to y telling her that I would take full responsibility of her. She not only left Annabella with him but also Leah.

Leah Nicole Liberty or Lee Lee as she is called was born 5/26/2006. She loves to help the best she can with Annabella. She loves helping her Daddy with Annabella.

Annabella Carina Charity or Annie Belle as she is called was born 3/26/2007. She was born with Down syndrome and was almost not born due to the fact. Despite having Down syndrome Annie is very in to playing dress up. She does have her Daddy around her finger.

Then it is Nicholas Aiden but everyone calls him Nick. He was born 12/29/1988. He was widowed by Michaela (Tanner) Petersen. He has a five old son Augustus Concord. He and Michaela were expecting their first child together when she passed. After losing her and their child he went reactive in the Army. He was stationed in Afghanistan and started dating Jocelyn Hanes. While he was overseas Griffith and I were taking care of August.

August was born 3/17/ 2007. He is very happy to be back with his Dad and Jocelyn. He loved being with me and Griff but it isn’t the same as having his Dad take care of him.

After Nick came twins, me and Nicolette. We were born 7/10/1990.

I am Natalia Madeline or Natty and am the oldest by 7 minutes. I now go by the name of Natalia O’Hera. I am married to the love of my life Griffith O’Hera. I am also the mother of three little girls named Courtney, Veronica. Cecilia and two little boys named Russell and Lawrence. I currently run my Aunt’s store Threads and Shreds.

My oldest Courtney Ariana was born just after we moved here on 8/11/2007. She is your typical five year old. She loves her Daddy, and is very much a Daddy’s girl even though Griffith is not her biological father. She goes by the nickname of NeyNey. When her sister came home NeyNey was a very jealous anytime that her Daddy held Ronnie.

Our first child together is Veronica Lyndsey who born 2/28/2010. She is almost one and loves her big sister. She is just the opposite of her sister. She loves being with me. She is very girly and loves the color pink.

My oldest boy was our surprise baby. We named him Russell Griffin. He was born at home and neither Griffith nor I knew that we were expecting. He was born 2/20/2011.

Lastly are our twins Lawrence Matthew and Cecelia Margaret. They were born on 11/11/2012. It was the day that we met five years before.

Next is my twin Nicolette Heather or Nicky. She like our younger sister is recently divorced. She was married to Gregory Deschaine. They had her son Carson plus a little boy named Wyatt and girl name Delaney. She works with me at Threads and Shreds. She like Julie went back to Petersen after the divorce.

Nicky’s son Carson Hunter is close to his younger cousin Courtney. He is a total of fifteen minutes older then Courtney and like her was born 8/11/2007.

He youngest son was born on 12/20/2010. His name is Wyatt Benjamin. He is a very good little boy. He is close to his cousins and his older brother.

Next is her adopted daughter. She is Lilavati Amala. She was born September 2, 2011 in India. She was adopted when she was a month old.

Next is the youngest of her kids. She had her youngest daughter on July 18, 2012. She is Delaney Ann. She is a very good baby and really cries.

After us is Jennifer Emma. She was born 6/1/1991. She was married to Timothy Deschaine. They had two kids together before their divorce. She is a reporter in Neighboring City

Her oldest is Chloe Piper. She was born 3/31/2011. She like my Ronnie is very girly.

Her youngest is Kale Peter. He was born just after his cousin Delaney. He like her is a great baby.

Several years ago Mom and Dad added four new siblings to our family.

First of the youngest four is a set of eighteen year old twins named Dominic James and Caleb Thomas, They were born 1/22/1995. Dominic was a slightly below average student before he was adopted but he is now doing better. He still however has very mild asthma. Caleb also was slightly below average, but that is because he needs more time to learn things than the "average" student. He too has become an average student, he is still slightly behind his brother. They both have girlfriends; Caleb is dating Noella 'Noa' Tryor , Dominic is dating Justice Tryor.

Demi Grace is next and the oldest girl in the group. Demi was actually already adopted before Mom and Dad adopted her. She was adopted when she was 7 after her biological parents died in a plane crash in the Atlantic Ocean. She is very bright, and loves figuring things out. But her brains somehow leave plenty room for other things. Demi loves fashion and dressing up, but she will also climb a tree with Dominic, or play a video game with Caleb if she's in the mood. She also has a boyfriend; She is dating Matthew 'Mattie' Larkin. She was born 4/1/1997. She and Mattie have a one year old daughter.

Her daughter is Graceland Nicole. She was born 1/31/2012. She isn’t a Momma’s girl or a Daddy’s girl. However she is starting to be more of a Daddy’s girl as she gets older.

Carli Faye is the youngest. Carli is ten years old, and is a total girly-girl. She hates getting dirt and bugs on her, and think video games are boring. Her favorite shows are anything Disney. Carli also loves to swim. She was born 10/7/2002.

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[b]THE PETERSEN FAMILY[/b][color=red](ca_miles)[/color]
Nathan Alec (1/2/1958) & Jane Stephanie (1/3/1958)
-(daughter Julianna, see below)
-(son Jude, see below)
-(son Nicholas, see below)
-(daughter Natalia, see O’Hera)
-(daughter Nicolette, see below)
-(daughter Jennifer, see below)
-Dominic James (1/22/1995)
-Caleb Thomas (1/22/1995)
-Demi Grace (4/1/1997)
-Carli Faye (10/7/2002)
[url=]4 Coulee Ct[/url]

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[b]THE PETERSEN FAMILY[/b][color=red](ca_miles)[/color]
Julianna (Julie) Amber (3/17/1981) 
-Valentina (Val) Patience (12/26/1999)
-Maximilian (Max) Justice (9/29/2000)
-Constantine (Stan) Percival (3/17/2003)
-Amaryllis (Amary) Honor (3/17/2003)
-Lucretia Charity(7/8/2008)
-Zachariah Chance (7/8/2008)
-Christabella Serenity (3/28/2010)
- Janelle Freedom (5/21/2012)
-Demetrius Reliance (6/1/2013)
[url=]10 Valley Rd[ /url]

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[b]THE PETERSEN FAMILY[/b][color=red](ca_miles)[/color]
Jude Hunter (7/31/1985)
-Leah Nicole Liberty (5/26/2006)
-Annabella Corina Charity (3/26/2007)
[url=]4 Coulee Ct[/url]

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[b]THE PETERSEN FAMILY[/b][color=red](ca_miles)[/color]
Nicholas (Nick) Aiden (12/29/1988)
-Augustus Concord (3/17/2006)
[url=]3 Valley Rd[/url]

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[b]THE O’HERA FAMILY[/b][color=red](Beemer/ca_miles)[/color]
THE FAMILY (Beemer/ca_miles) 
Griffith James (8/3/1988) & Natalia Madeline (7/10/1990)
-Augustus Concord (3/17/2006)
-Courtney Ariana [Petersen] (8/11/2007)
-Veronica Lyndsey (2/28/2010)
-Russell Griffin (2/20/2011) 
-Lawrence Matthew (11/11/2012)
-Cecelia Margaret (11/11/2012)
[url=]3 Canyon Way[/url]

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[b]THE PETERSEN FAMILY[/b][color=red](ca_miles)[/color]
Nicolette Heather (7/10/1990) 
-Carson Hunter (8/11/2007)
-Wyatt Benjamin (12/20/2010)
-Lilavati Amala (9/2/2011)
-Delaney Ann (7/18/2012)
[url=]11 Dale Drive[/url]

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[b]THE PETERSEN FAMILY[/b][color=red](ca_miles)[/color]
Jennifer Emma (6/1/1992)
-Chloe Piper (3/31/2011)
- Kale Peter (7/18/2012)
[url=]11 Dale Drive[/url]

Nathan Petersen - Tae Kwon Do Instructor
Jane Petersen - Jr/High School Teacher
Julianna Petersen - High school language teacher
Jude Petersen - Junior/High School English Teacher
Nicolas Petersen - business manager for Theads n Shreds
Natalia O’Hera – Fashion Advisor, Sales at Threads n Shreds
Nicolette Petersen – Clothing Store Clerk (Theads n Shreds)
Jennifer Petersen – Clothing Store Clerk (Threds n Shreds)
Dominic Petersen - Student
Caleb Petersen - Student
Petersen, Henderson, Mitchells & Darbrand Family (Cat ~ ca_miles)
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