The Kinney Family

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The Kinney Family

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Franklin Ulysses Kinney 6-15-1979
▪Occupation: working for a big business company
▪Marital Status: single, finally looking
▪Birth Place: Albany, New York
▪Moving From: Atlanta, Georgia
▪Children: none
▪History: The oldest of five, I became the watchdog of sorts for my younger siblings when our parents divorced. We all went our separate ways after high school and college, but I'm glad we're all coming back together. Fresh out of college, I didn't want to date or have a relationship, because I wanted to get settled in my job before trying to juggle that as well. I kept getting busier and I've finally decided it would be best if I just go for it.
▪Personality: to the point, no nonsense, slight fun streak (but I have to be comfortable with you), protective
▪Cause for the Move: I was tasked with opening a new branch here in town.

Eleanor Daphne Kinney 3-6-1981
▪Occupation: online editor
▪Marital Status: single
▪Birth Place: Albany, New York
▪Moving From: New York City, New York
▪Children: none
▪History: Our parents’ divorce was hard on me. It happened while I was a sophomore in high school. I was already really insecure about myself, and then my dad up and left us for another woman he just had a kid with. I also came out as gay that same year. Sorry, boys. I went off to college, met a girl, fell in love, and we were going to start a family when she was diagnosed with stage four cancer. She died a few months back--almost a year now--and it was really hard for me. That's when I reached out to my siblings and reconnected.
▪Personality: fun, loyal, affectionate, outgoing
▪Cause for the Move: Frank suggested maybe moving somewhere new might help with the grieving process.

Kennedy Hestia Kinney 5-24-1985
▪Occupation: hairstylist, mother
▪Marital Status: divorced
▪Birth Place: Albany, New York
▪Moving From: San Diego, California
▪Children: three
▪History: Straight out of high school, I went to beauty school and got my license. When I was nineteen, I married my high school sweetheart, Daniel David Loews, and quickly became pregnant with our first. Because we needed the money, I went back to work as soon as I could. That happened with both our other two children. Our youngest, Alexis, was an attempt to reconnect, but when Alexis was five, we filed for divorce. I've had to work as a single mother since. I reconnected with my youngest brother, Jefferson, about a year and a half after the divorce, and he moved in to help with the kids.
▪Personality: sweet, quiet, enthusiastic, easy to talk to
▪Cause for the Move: I was ready to start my own hair salon and I figured that I'd might as well reconnect with the rest of my siblings too.

Maria Corina Loews 2-14-2005
▪Birth Place: San Diego, California
▪Moving From: San Diego, California
▪History: I'm the oldest of three. I miss my dad, but he and my mom argued all the time. Now the house is a lot quieter. I like going to school, and I'm kinda disappointed to be moving and leaving all my friends and teachers, but my mom says that I'll make new ones at our new school. I hope so. I spend a lot of time reading, so I don't know if anyone will want to be friends with the bookworm.
▪Personality: quiet, shy, friendly, I like the quiet
▪Cause for the Move: My mom.

Raine Stephen Loews 8-22-2007
▪Birth Place: San Diego, California
▪Moving From: San Diego, California
▪History: I hate that I don't get to see my dad anymore. He was best friend and now my mom is taking us away from him. I don't want to move. I don't want to make new friends. I don't want to go. I guess I make a lot of trouble, and maybe that's why my dad left. Teachers hate me. I guess he probably does too.
▪Personality: loud, outgoing, smarter than I show
▪Cause for the Move: My mom's being a jerk and taking us from my dad.

Alexis Regina Loews 4-4-2009
▪Birth Place: San Diego, California
▪Moving From: San Diego, California
▪History: I've always gotten everything I wanted but my mom wouldn't let us stay. It's not fair. I'm just glad Uncle Jeff is coming with us. If he wasn't, I'd make my mom let me stay with him. Note From Kennedy: Alexis was a little spoiled and sometimes throws temper tantrums, but she's a sweet girl at heart.
▪Personality: FUN! Note From Kennedy: rambunctious, outgoing, smart, caring
▪Cause for the Move: My mom's making me go (and Uncle Jeff!)

Peyton Artemis Kinney 11-24-1990
▪Occupation: photographer, child care worker
▪Marital Status: single
▪Birth Place: Albany, New York
▪Moving From: Seattle, Washington
▪Children: one
▪History: I had my baby at fourteen. Now, before you judge me, I have some explaining to do. I fell into a group of friends much, much older than me. I thought I was in love with our neighbor boy, who was eighteen, and he took advantage of that. He was sick-minded and convinced me that I wanted what he did to me, that I deserved it. When I got pregnant, he wanted me to abort and I almost did, but when I confided in my best friend, he convinced me to keep the baby, saying that he would pretend to be the father of my child. I stayed in a relationship with the neighbor boy, because I was too scared to get out of it. It was only when my mom found out the truth about my baby that anything was done. She confronted me and when I told her, she sent me to live with an aunt in Seattle. I was seventeen. I stayed there.
▪Personality: kind hearted, loyal, trusting, broken but healing
▪Cause for the Move: I decided I wanted to reconnect with my siblings more.

Mary Alma Kinney 8-21-2005
▪Birth Place: Albany, New York
▪Moving From: Seattle, Washington
▪History: I don't remember my dad, but it sounds like that's a good thing. I was pretty popular back in Seattle, not because I'm like super pretty or anything but because I'm hilarious. I've been doing theatre since I was like six and I love it. I usually get the comedic relief roles which are so perfect for me. Thought I think I'm a little bit typecast. I'm gonna miss my friends, but I know I'm going to make new ones here. Nothing can stop me!
▪Personality: fun, outgoing, loud, hysterical, sassy, maybe a little obnoxious
▪Cause for the Move: My mom but I'm excited!

Jefferson Perseus Kinney 1-23-1992
▪Occupation: online tutor, online business owner
▪Marital Status: single
▪Birth Place: Albany, New York
▪Moving From: San Diego, California
▪Children: none yet
▪History: I graduated top of my class in high school and college. I've been tutoring students since early high school and it just became my thing. When Kennedy called asking for help with her kids, I packed up and moved. I've never really been content to stay where I am, which is why I work online. Besides, Kenny and I have always been close.
▪Personality: ambitious, fun-loving, good with kids, easy to talk to, approachable
▪Cause for the Move: Kennedy. Besides it was my idea to reconnect with everyone.