The Bristow Family

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The Bristow Family

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Kenneth Alan Bristow born May 28, 1959 is the head of the Bristow family. A long-time dentist, he and his wife decided it was time for a change when his practice was bought out by a larger group. Looking for something small and homey, they came across Berkshire Glen randomly once while vacationing in the area. After looking further into it, they decided that this was the place for them.

Maura Leslie Bristow born August 31, 1962 has always run her own wedding planning business. With many positive reviews online, she hopes to keep it up here in Berkshire Glen. When she and Kenneth found out after years of trying for a baby that they couldn't have kids of their own, they decided to adopt. Over the years, they have adopted ninr kids together, ranging in race, gender, ability, and age.

McKenzie Kathleen Bristow born April 3, 1995 was the first child that Maura and Kenneth adopted. Born to a teen mother, McKenzie grew up with a love of children. In her last year studying education, she hopes to become a kindergarten teacher. McKenzie has a very sweet demeanor and still helps out immensely around the house.

Steven Lewis Bristow born May 8, 1998 was the second child adopted by Maura and Kenneth. At two years old, the boy was the shyest little thing alive. Partially deaf, it took him awhile to learn to speak and even longer to say his first words to his adoptive parents. Steven has worked the last few years as a sign language translator for several odd jobs and he hopes to offer his services as such here too.

Ryan Keira Bristow born November 20, 1999 is a more recent addition to the family. The Bristows became her foster parents a few years ago. Ryan caused a lot of trouble at first, running around late at night, shoving her sexuality in everyone's face, but after facing expulsion from her high school and allowing Maura to talk her into counseling, she has calmed down quite a bit. It helped when Kenneth proposed her adoption.

Ronan Benjamin Bristow born November 19, 1999 was adopted when he was seven. A day older than Ryan, the two like to joke that they're twins, despite not having met until they were in their teens and looking nothing alike. Clearly, Ronan has a jokester’s attitude. He has won several talent shows with his stand-up routines. He knows just what to do to cheer up anyone.

Fallon Brianna Bristow born January 23, 2001 was adopted as a baby, like her two oldest siblings. A neighbor girl got pregnant and couldn't afford to keep the baby. When she confessed to Maura that she was thinking of getting an abortion, Maura offered to adopt the baby instead. Fallon has attitude. Popular and sassy, she excels at whatever she sets her mind to. Never has there been a bigger extrovert. Like her mother, Fallon loves to throw parties.

Doran Keane Bristow born February 8, 2005 joined the family when he was four. Slightly autistic, Doran had a hard time getting along with some of the other kids and sometimes still struggles with it. Half the time, he lives in a world of his own, content with his fantasies.

Aidan Connor Bristow born October 2, 2005 was adopted when he was five, originally a foster kid of the Bristows. He tends to be quieter and shyer than some of his other siblings, but still loves to be the center of attention. Your average eleven year old boy, Aidan loves soccer and video games. He's a little nervous to start at a new school, but Maura assures him that he'll make friends and that always cheers him up.

Fiona Darby Bristow born June 30, 2010 joined the family when she was only a few months old. This kid, Maura swears, is a genius. She's skipped a grade and still aces everything. She learned to read when she was three years old and hasn't stopped. The biggest bookworm of the bunch, Fiona always has a book with her, is always talking about the last book she read, and is always reading to anyone who will listen.

Karma Stacy Bristow born December 18, 2010 was originally fostered by the Bristows but was officially adopted just before the move. Karma is the sweetest little thing to live. She's always making something for her parents and siblings, a crafty little thing. She sticks to Fiona like glue and loves it when her sister reads to her.