The Bonner Family

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The Bonner Family

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Amos Michael Bonner 4-23-1977
▪Occupation: nurse
▪Marital Status: divorced
▪Birth Place: Columbus, Ohio
▪Children: four
▪History: I married my college girlfriend, Deanna, a couple years after our graduation. She gave birth to our daughter, Eliza, when we were twenty-one. When Eliza was five, Deanna and I started having marital troubles, which resulted in our divorce two years later. About a year later, I adopted my first child: a girl a few years older than Eliza named June. The two bonded really well. Over the next few years I adopted three more: when Eliza was ten, a twelve year old boy named Zachary; when she was thirteen, a fourteen year old named Jeremy; and when she was fifteen, a thirteen year old named Curtis.
▪Personality: social, friendly, approachable, gentle, loud
▪Cause for the Move: I was offered a better job here.

June Alanis Bonner 5-3-1995
▪Occupation: barista, student
▪Marital Status: single
▪Birth Place: Portland, Oregon
▪History: I was born to a teen mom who gave me up for adoption, but because she couldn't find anyone to take me, I went into the system. I floated around, as many do, until I was about eleven. That's when Amos came into my life. He adopted me and gave me a good home. I owe a lot to him.
▪Personality: quiet, social, takes some time to settle in before I can show my true colors, fun
▪Future Plans: finish my teaching degree, get a job teaching elementary school

Zachary Felix Bonner 8-23-1996
▪Occupation: student, grocery store cashier
▪Marital Status: single
▪Birth Place: Escondido, California
▪History: I was taken from an abusive family when I was nine. I was fostered in a number of homes, but most didn't feel like they connected so I moved on. Eventually, I found my way into Amos’s life. Because of Amos, I found a home at twelve, and some of my best friends.
▪Personality: wary but lovable, funny, loyal
▪Future Plans: finish my bachelor's degree and continue my education with a master's degree in communications

Jeremy Elton Bonner 7-6-1997
▪Occupation: student
▪Marital Status: single as hell
▪Birth Place: Tucson, Arizona
▪History: I'm the result of poor parents. They lost everything about the time I was ten. That landed me in foster care. I was a bit of a troublemaker so no one wanted me, but Amos ended up fostering me for a bit and I got on well with Zachary. I guess Amos thought I was good for Zach, because he ended up adopting me and making me an official Bonner. One thing I will never regret.
▪Personality: sarcastic, troublemaker, funny, not afraid to get down and dirty
▪Future Plans: I'm gonna be a mechanic. And hopefully eventually date someone.

Eliza Marlene Bonner 12-31-1998
▪Occupation: unemployed, artist
▪Marital Status: single
▪Birth Place: Columbus, Ohio
▪History: After my parents’ divorce and after my dad adopted my siblings, I fell into a bad group of friends. They were super popular and unnaturally pretty. I started doing everything I could so I could look like them. This included unhealthy habits concerning my weight. My senior year of high school, I was hospitalized for an eating disorder. I almost didn't walk at graduation. I decided to take a year or two off before going to college so that I could take care of me.
▪Personality: bubbly, loyal, approachable, understanding, a depth that many girls my age don't
▪Future Plans: better my skills, sell my art

Curtis David Bonner 4-17-2000
▪Occupation: high school
▪Marital Status: single and not looking
▪Birth Place: Ann Arbor, Michigan
▪History: I'm not really sure what my story is. I've spent all my time to my memory in the system until my thirteenth birthday when I was officially adopted into the Bonner family. Since then, things have been crazy. If you want to know more, you have to get to know me. Sorry, I don't give that out to just anyone.
▪Personality: quiet, keep to myself but not a loner, observant, flourish when cared about (but you have to be earnest about it)
▪Future Plans: graduate high school, maybe study literature? I dunno