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The mortician is the manager of the funeral home and cemetery and will be made moderator of these forums. The mortician has several responsibilities.

1. Create and post headstones for the characters who have passed away.
The mortician will be given the user name and password of a specifically-designated photobucket account which contains the options of headstones, art, and completed headstones.  The mortician may add new photos to this photobucket account, whichever she chooses to offer at the funeral home.

Some threads have already been started in the funeral home for options of headstone, headstone art, and epitaph.  These threads should be closed to replies but, as the moderator, the mortician can edit these threads and change or add to them. 

Headstones can be created directly in photobucket, using editing tools, or using another program which will save the completed headstone as a graphic that can be uploaded to photobucket.

When taking an order for a headstone, the member should reply to and fill out the form posted in the Funeral Home, using the posted options as reference.  When the order is filled and the stone is posted, the mortician should delete the order to indicate it is finished.  The headstone should be posted in the Cemetery forum.  Title the post "Last Name, First Name" of the deceased.  This way it will show up in alphabetical order in the forum.  All headstones should be pinned. Guests may place flowers at the site of the headstone.  Interactions in the cemetery should be started as separate threads.
2. Interact with characters who have suffered a loss by walking them through the planning process and, if the member desires, perform the memorial service.
A thread has been started in the funeral home for members to request a memorial service.  The member may choose to have the mortician perform the service or their clergyman can officiate while using the funeral home as a location.

The mortician should begin the thread for the memorial service by titling it "Memorial Service for (Name)" and the date in the Topic Description.  The first post should also contain the Title and Date and can say something about setting up, just to get the service rolling.

If the mortician is performing the service, she can develop a series of questions about what the family would like to say about the deceased.  Members may also provide collages/photos/flowers, etc they would like included in the service.  The mortician can either have the member post these in the thread or the mortician can post it.  Internet research can also be done for service ideas.

If a clergyman is performing the service, the mortician can sit back and let the members guide the service.
3. Enhance the funeral home forum.
This includes posting options of headstones, options of headstone art, options of epitaphs, and any other kind of related forum enhancement/entertainment.

Some enhancements have already been posted and these have been titled starting with a number to keep them from getting lost in the list of headstones.
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