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June 27th, 2017, 7:29 am #1

FAN GIRL OVER YOUR CRUSHES HERE :P I did not know what board to add this or what went wrong :wub:

Korrina, you're the best! Korrina Korrina she's my woman if she can't do it no one can
I'm the girl with korrina in this image only WAY pinker :P xD

Korrina's so....strong. And probably muscular like a boy is :3 :wub:

And she's cute and snuggly and just MAGICAL :wub:
Super happy and energatic too :wub:

And i love her so much. I wanna be her fangirl FOREVER! :D She helps me through life so much^^ :wub:

And she probably smell's like sweat from how much she works out but i doubt that would bother me :wub:

And her long blond hair is super pretty. and the way she dresses is SO CUTE!

And her arc in the anime is so deep! And, when she's all confused about her lucario, I JUST WANNA HUG HER SOOOO BADLY!

I've rped her with people, too! Its fun :3

And i've kissed many images of her (even drawings of mine!!!!) too :o

And i'm crazy in love with this character. I even told the neighbor! He teased me about it, hahahahaha XD

Alack alay! *fangirl's even more XD*

EDIT: LOL, i called this A CLUB O.o;;; I meant THREAD XD Too bad i can't edit it. SHOULD WE MOVE THIS TO CLUBS? XDDD
My avatar is of my new crush (its the girl in my av just so you know :P NOT lucario)

2017 is forever ^_^ But i still like 2004 too.

I may add a korrina blingee to this sig sometime.

I removed the riku image even though its kinda cool cuz i'm just not into him anymore. Korrina makes me think of happier times :)

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