Retired Punx Fest 2015

Retired Punx Fest 2015

Retired Punk
Retired Punk

September 25th, 2015, 10:05 am #1

2 day DIY crossover music festival focusing on hardcore, metal, punk , ska and kickass rock n roll.

Friday 30.10.2015:

Los Dueños del Ska (Lux)
Ska-reggea outfit hailing from Luxemburg.
(01.00 - 02.00)

China Shop Bull (uk)
rave punk / ska / dnb outta Leeds, second RPF performance
(23.40 - 00.40)

The Dancing Morons (be)
Skacore outta Ghent! second time at RPF
(22.40 - 23.20)

Autopsy Boys (uk)
b-horror obsessed synth punk , also from leeds.
(21.40 - 22.20)

Mind Collapse (be)
our favourite local dubbing punx
(20.50 - 21.20)

Kwabaal (nl)
jonge nieuwe skaband uit Weert !
(20.00 - 20.30)

Saturday 31.10.2015:

Toxic Shock (be)
One of the best crossover thrash bands around, great live performance.

Hard Resistance (be)
Legendary eurocore

sunpower (be)
80's hc punk ffo dead kennedies, zero boys etc

Convict - Burn The Flags (be)
melodic eurocore making their comeback

Curb Stomp (ger)
no nonsens antiracist oi from Dortmund

Once I Cry (nl)
crivits anno 2015 performing new material as well as old crivits and guiding line tracks.

Dbeat thrash

Blood Of Kings (nl)
Weert city hc represent!

Fucking Virgins (nl)
25 years of partypunk, demands a celibration

butcher boogie (be)
bxhell psychobilly rnr mutants

@Smäris (be)
local yet tropical hc crustpop

Silence Means Death (be)
D-beat crust n roll

Undead Revolution (be)
local death metal youngsters



20h00 - 20h30 : Kwabaal
20h50 - 21h25 : Mind Collapse
21h45 - 22h25 : Autopsy Boys
22h45 - 23h25 : The Dancing Morons
23h45 - 00h40 : China Shop Bull
01h00 - 02h00 : Los Duenos


14h00 - 14h30 : Undead revolution
14h50 - 15u20 : Smäris
15h40 - 16h10 : Indemnity
16h30 - 17h00 : Blood of Kings
17u20 - 18h00 : Butcher Boogie
18h20 - 18h50 : Curb Stomp
19h10 - 19h45 : Convict
20h05 - 20h40 : The Fucking Virgins
21h00 - 21h35 : Once I cry
21h55 - 22h25 : Sunpower
22h45 - 23h25 : Hard Resistance
23h45 - 00h25 : Toxic Shock
00h45 - 01h15 : Silence Means Death

TICKET RESERVATION INFO!!! (presale till 21/10)
daytickets will be 10 euro in presale
weekend tickets will be 20 euro in presale

at the doors you ll pay:
10 euro on friday / 15 euro on saturday.

ordering your weekend ticket in advance saves you up to 5 euro!

How to make reservations:
1) Mail to ! don't forget to include your name and wether you want one or more day or weekend tickets.
2) You ll receive an email from us to confirm your order and we ll provide you with all bank details for payments.
3) You go to the bank, pay, and send us a mail that you ve done so.
4) Once the money is transferred to our account you ll get your validation email, including your unique code for retired punx fest. Print this email and take it to the fest

for more info visit :

or the retired punx fest peer fb page