Rebellion newsletter dec 2011

Rebellion newsletter dec 2011

December 20th, 2011, 7:37 pm #1


2011 was an important year for Rebellion Records. We moved to a new
office/warehouse, we got a new lay-out for our webshop, we got a brandnew label site
and we started with the limited collectable digipack series. We like to stay on this
course and we have already so much stuff planned for 2012. We have signed numerous
quality street bands from all over the world to be released in the digipack series.
We are also planning some regular exciting releases like the Oi! made in Holland pt
2 sampler and the new Razorblade album.
During 2011 we have deleted a lot of stuff from other genres from our webshop (HC,
ska, metal etc). Rebellion wants to focus mainly on bringing you quality oi! and
streetpunk from all over the world. We will keep doing that in 2012 and we are
working hard to add some more specials to the shop like more limited vinyl and Ben
Sherman clothing. We also want to improve our stock system in 2012 so we can get
your order send out as quick as possible.
For now it is still 2011 so check our new stuff below, thanks for supporting
rebellion and have a loud and proud ending of the year!

Rebellion Records is proud to announce the release of number 3 & 4 in the ultra
limited Oi! collectable digipack series. The releases are strictly limited to 250
handnumbered copies packed in a thick 6 panel digipack including stickered sealbag.
The releases from this serie have a seperate catalogue number apart from the normal
rebellion releases. What makes em even more collectable is the fact that the
sidebars of each 10 releases, put together, will form the clockwork guy rebellion
logo. After the re-releases of long sold out albums from razorblade and discharger.
Now the Marching Orders - days gone by (only released on vinyl before) and Tech 9 -
Scars on the inside (sold out for more then 12 years) got the limited digipack

#3 RR049: MARCHING ORDERS - Days gone by Digipack CD
Finally a CD issue of this amazing debut full-length from this leading Australian
streetpunk/Oi! band from Melbourne. Comes in a thick 6 panel digipack including a
stickered sealbag. Strictly limited to 250 handnumbered copies.

#4 RR050: TECH 9 - Scars on the inside (+ 8 live bonus tracks) Digipack CD
Re-release of their classic album originally released on lost and found records in
1996 plus 8 live tracks taken from different gigs. Hard and in your face streetpunk.
Including the underground "hit" SURVIVAL. Comes in a thick 6 panel digipack
including a stickered sealbag. Strictly limited to 250 handnumbered copies.

v/a - G. Bushells -"30 Years Of Oi! - Never Surrender!" 3x LP + poster (lim to 1100)
v/a - G.Bushell`s 30 Years of Oi! - Never Surrender! Double CD Digipack (lim)
Antipati / Last Rough Cause - split 10" LP 11.99
Warrior Kids - s/t EP 5.99
Warrior Kids "La vie des mauvais Garcons" LP 12.99
Warrior Kids "La vie des mauvais Garcons" CD 13.99
Discharger / Jenny Woo - Clockwork Patriots LP 12.99
West Side Boys - Reste fier CD 13.99
Old Firm Casuals - Crest T shirt 15.99
Old Firm Casuals - Skinhead T shirt 15.99
Last Seen Laughing - Where we belong LP 12.99
Last Seen Laughing - where we belong... CD 13.99
Marching Orders - Dead end Street 10" LP 11.99
Clichés, the - est 2003 T shirt 15.99
Der Randalierer Zine (English) feat old firm casuals, infa riot etc. 3.00
Tech 9 - Scars on the inside + live Digipack CD (series #4) 13.99
Marching Orders - Days gone by Digipack CD (lim 250) series #3 13.99
Gonads,The - Charlton Boys EP 7" 5.99
Clockwork Crew - På svenska LP (180 gr, lim. 500) 11.90
Concrete Gods - Welcome to the empire club CD 10.99
Knucklehead - Hearts on fire LP (US import) 12.50
Cock Sparrer - Here we stand LP (col) + CD + DVD 18.50
v/a - Oi! the support CD 11.99
Marching Orders - last train home 10" 10.99
Booze & Glory / Harrington Saints - Crossed Hammers 12" Shaped (USA import) 17.99
45 Adapters - Not one more day 7" EP (USA import) 6.50
Sydney Ducks - Esprit de corps 7" EP (USA import) 6.99
Jons, the - Walk towards the people 7" EP (son of cock sp singer, USA import)
Jons, the - Oi! jack 7" EP (son of cock sp singer, USA import) 6.50
Infa Riot - Kids of the '80s SHAPED PICTURE VINYL (USA import) 13.99
v/a - Oi! this is streetpunk 11" LP (incl download code, USA import) 12.50

We have the new condemned 84 cd's in. The vinyl will arrive here this friday. We
will ship all pre-orders out the same day when they arrive. It's frustrating it took
so long but it is definately worth the waiting.

28 jan 2012, benefitshow: I-Reject + Reaching Forward + Dicemen + Razorblade at
With the show we hope to gather some money for the funeral and stone of Roos (sister
of Rudo from Razorblade / Cenobites / I reject / Stealers, girlfriend of Artur
Reaching Forward). Rebellion will also release a special digipack CD for this cause
with unreleased tracks from Razorblade / Antidote / I reject and Reaching Forward.
The cd is limited to 250 copies and will be sold at the show. Remaining copies we
will probably sell in our webshop. All money goes to the family of Roos (r.i.p.)

We do our best to offer you all the scene's latest limited vinyl releases. This
month we want to focus your attention on the rare Sydney Ducks - esperit de corps 7"
ep, the This is oi! compilation 11" and the Antipati/last rough cause 10". We also
have some cool shaped vinyl in from Infa Riot and Booze & Glory Available for a
limited time at

Most of the new highlights and more from our webshop are also added to our Instore
shop in Tilburg. When in town pay a visit at: Rebellion Instore (Solidd)
Nieuwlandstraat 47-1, Tilburg. We are re-decorating the shop and the rebellion
corner is moved again. The new corner should be finished soon. Our products are
still for sale ofcourse.

7er Jungs - Wilde Herzen T shirt 15.99
Bad Brains T shirt 15.99
Black Flag - newspaper T shirt 15.99
Bootboys - Noone likes us T shirt (navy) 14.99
Combat 84 - send in the marines T shirt 15.99
Discharger Our hate is justified (+ bonus track) Digipack CD (lim to 250) series
#2 13.99
England Oi! - soccer T shirt 19.99
Hardsell - T shirt 15.99
Mods - T shirt 15.99
Noone like us - Tattoo T shirt 14.99
Oi! Britain - T shirt 15.99
Old School T shirt 15.99
Razorblade - Brabant T shirt 14.99
Razorblade - Early Years / Brabant CD / T shirt package 24.99
Razorblade The early years (2 first albums) Digipack CD (lim to 250) series #1
Righteous, the - 9 days we hung CD 12.99
Schusterjungs - fabrik T shirt 15.99
Skinhead 69 - T shirt 15.99
SofS - Trojan - T shirt 18.99
Sydney Ducks - Stray Dogs EP (lim US import) 6.99
Symarip - Moonstomp T shirt 15.99
West Ham - T shirt 15.99

Old Firm Casuals - one man army EP
Noi!se / Gestalts - split EP
Bombardiers - new album
Janitors - old album + ep
Oi! Made in Holland pt 2 CD
Hateful - Killbowie Road CD (lim to 250)
Razorblade - Singles Collection vol1 CD