Punk, oi & psycho LP's te koop

Punk, oi & psycho LP's te koop

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Verkoop van prive verzameling.
Meeste lp's zijn in uitstekende staat!
Vele nog in nieuwstaat!

LP(en dubbel LP): 15euro
10": 12,50euro
7": 10euro


Bij bestelling vanaf 75euro verzending gratis

info: boycot138@hotmail.com

4 skins, the The good, the bad and the 4skins LP Secret records 1982
Abused, the Loud and clear picture LP Lost & found 1996
AFI retrospective picture LP Nitro records
Antidote My life picture LP Dirty faces 2001
Anti-flag/Obnoxious I'd rather be in Japan 7" Nat records 1996 Lyric sheet
Ardkore Napalm stix to kidz! LP AVM/Metalworks 1989 Lyric sheet
Balzac Out of the light on the 13th dark night (2308 copies) picture LP G-force records 2003 Sleeve
Bash! Cheers & beers (500 copies) picture LP Psychotrecords 2003
Black Flag Damaged LP SST/Unicorn rec 1981
Blanks 77 Killer blanks picture LP Nasty vinyl 1996
Bovver wonderland Born to booze picture 10" Scumfuck tradition
Boycot/Distress split (mint green vinyl) 10" Ignition records 1998 Lyric book
Casualties, the For the punks (nr:532 of 1000 copies) picture LP Punkcore records Lyric sheet
Cenobites Cenobites picture EP Drunkabilly rec. 2003 Clapcover
Chron gen Chronic generation LP Secret records 1982
Civil agression S/T EP Bad card records 1996 Lyrics
Dead Kennedys Bleed for me LP Static records 1982
Dead Kennedys Fresh food for rotting vegetables LP Cherry red records 1980
Dead Kennedys In God we trust, inc LP Static records 1981
Deadline Back for more picture LP Knock Out records 2003 Lyric sheet
Decibellos Igual de borrachos pero mucho mas orgullos (Nr:520 of?) picture LP Decibelios records 1999 Lyrics
Defiance Rise or fall 1000 copies) picture LP Dirty punk records 2005 Lyrics sheet
Demented are go I wanna see you bleed (heavy vinyl?) 10" Scandal records ?
Derita sisters and junior, the United states of the world picture 10" Incognito records 1996 Lyric sheet
Die cruisin' Night of mystery (300 copies) 7" Reanimator records 1997 comic+lyrics
Disclose Visions of war picture EP Distortion 1996 Lyric sheet
Disclose/Homolitia split EP Scream records 1995 Lyric sheet
Dödel Haie Schätzen, ich habe das land befreit! picture LP 2002 Lyric sheet
Dolly D. X (500 copies) picture LP Psychotrecords Lyric sheet
Enemy, the The gateway to hell LP Cherry red records 1983
Exploited, the Punks alive maxi-LP skunx/Link records 1988
Exploited, the Punks not dead picture LP Captain oi records 2001
Exploited, the Punks not dead LP Secret records 1981
Exploited, the Troops of tomorrow LP Secret records 1982
FBI Widerstad zwecklos (blue vinyl) (Nr:461 of 500) LP Sorbsdale records ? Lyric book
G.B.H. City baby attacked by rats LP Clay records 1990 Lyric sheet
G.V.O.S. Boozing & fun picture LP Randale records 2004
Godless Wicked Creeps Victim of science picture LP Crazy Love records
Haluken/The brats Split ( Lyricsheet) picture LP United kids records ?99
Hard skin Hard nuts and hard cunts picture LP Broken rekids 1996 Lyric sheet
Hardshel Pissed 'n broke 400 copies picture LP Psychotrecords Lyric sheet
Klingonz Psycho's from beyond picture LP Crazy Love records
Klingonz Psycho's from beyond (green vinyl) LP Fury records 1988
Kryptonix Les comptes de la crypt picture LP Crazy Love records 2001 Full sleeve
Legitime defonce Ya basta! Clapcover+lyrics LP Panx 1996
Lower class brats Rather be hated than ignored (nr:754 of 1000copies) picture LP Punkcore records Lyrics sheet
Mass Murders/Tagada Jones split picture 10" Mass prod 2000 Lyrics sheet
Misery/Assrash split picture EP Clean plate records 1996 Lyrics sheet
Misfits Collection 1 LP Plan9 1988
Misfits Evillive (500 copies) picture LP Plan9
Murderers/The Jefkoffs split picture LP Beer city records
Obnoxious Last vomit (yellow vinyl) 10" Drop dead 1997
Obnoxious puke till dead picture LP Fight45records 1993
Obnoxious 7"
Oi Polloi Total anarchoi (pink vinyl) LP Step-1 Music 1996
Oizone S/T picture EP Damagde goods ?
Opressed, the We can do anything picture LP Step-1 Music 2001
Phantom pains/American werewolves split (marble purple vinyle) EP This blessing,this curse rec. 2004 Lyrics sheet
Pil Comercial zone LP PiL records 1984
Pöbel und gesocks Lieder über leben und tod picture LP OI! Hammer
Pöbel und gesocks/d.n.i. Kopf zu! (split) picture EP Randale records 2005? Lyric sheet
Recharge/Extinct government split EP Epistrophy 1997 Lyrics
Red London Once upon a generation picture LP Knock Out records Lyric sheet
Samhain Initium Nr:48 of ?) picture LP Plan9
Slapping suspenders Slice up your wife picture LP Crazy Love records 1998
Sleazy joke Sans concession EP Mass prod 1998 Lyrics
Social virus/STN split graveyard scene (red vinyl) 7" Alienated rec. 1998 Lyric sheet
SS-kaliert Dsklation (1000 copies) picture LP Punkcore records 2006 Lyric sheet
Stiches, the 8x12" (Nr:11 of 2500 copies) picture LP Erika records 1995?
Subversides, the Protest and dance (yellow vinyl) LP Step-1 Music 1996 Lyric sheet
Suicide Supermarket Trolleys Shut up and drink (red vinyl) LP Profane existence 1993 Lyric sheet
System, the Thought control (clapcover) LP skuld releases 1997 Lyrics sheet
Toxoplasma Leben verboten! (Limited edition)+cover with lyrics picture LP Impact records ?
Truth Decay Another day wasted LP Step-1 Music 1997 Lyricsheet
Truth Decay Fat punks can't pogo (pink vinyl) EP Fight45records ? Lyric sheet
Tubes, the What do you want from live (clapcover) 2LP A&Mrecords(europ) 1978
UK Subs Endangered species LP Roadrunner/Inelco 1982
Unborn SF/Rupture Punk ass cunts motherfucker limited edition nr:221of picture 10" A.A.records 2000 Lyric sheet
Undead, the Live NY 7" 1994 BOOTLEG
Une vie pour rien 4xOI! Split (Devil skins,the protest,Vikings remedy,Billy boy EP Durango 95 rec. ?
Unseen, the Raise your finger, raise your fist EP VML records 1996 Lyric sheet
Up to vegas Punkstyle rock'n'roll picture LP Knock Out records 2005 Sleeve
V/A Bad boys for life 2 (promotional copy) DVD
V/A Play it loud! Vol 1 (clapcover) LP + CD Trash records 2001
V/A Punk and disorderly: further charges LP Anagram records 1982
V/A The secret life of LP Secret records 1982
Van Helsing Celestial beggars (1000 copies) EP Swamp room rec. 2003
Virus, the S/T (Nr:298 of 1000copies) picture EP Punkcore records 2001
Voice of an generation Odfest volume 1 picture 10" Vacation house rec ?
Wolfbrigade Progression/regression picture LP Farewell records 2001 Lyric sheet