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While Sara might not have been impressed with Emory’s size, she was happy to see that he had at least been able to put on a little weight since she had been tasked with taking care of him back home when everything was still good. Back when Sara imagined her life going as it would for almost any other girl in the world. Married off to some guy, have a bunch of kids and live happily ever after. A lot had changed though. Her parents were dead, she was a doctor on a pirate ship and had learned not only fencing but how to handle a firearm as well. Even if the usage of firearms wasn’t exactly something she excelled at. Sara had suddenly become one of those people she would only have heard scary tales about before. Pirates who pillage and plunder. Evil people. But the truth was far from it.

When Emory admitted that he thought that the word enemies were a bit too harsh to describe their relationship, Sara stopped her treatment for a moment and looked up at Emory. She saw his smile and looked into his eyes for a moment. “Yes… I would much rather call you a friend” She said and then got back to her work. Occasionally she sent Emory a concerned look as she saw the effect the alcohol had on him. With her free hand she reached up and gently caressed his cheek. “I am sorry Emory… But I have to do this or it might get a lot worse…” She finished up bandaging his wounds and then took a seat next to him. She smiled when he told her that he thought she was good at her job and even more as he thanked her for her help. But then as he mentioned his wish that they would meet again under better circumstances, Sara nodded. “Maybe a festival like last time” She said quietly with a subtle smile. “I’ll just have to be careful since many of your crewmembers know what I look like now… Just like they could spot any of my crewmates as well… But let’s not think about that now…”

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