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Name: Nicole Cavalier

Aliases: None

Age: 19, born on 10-th of May 1700

Gender: Female

Rank/ Occupation: shop helper at "Fleur du Cafe" herborist shop (former pickpocket, thief & occasional prostitute)

Current Location: Port-de-Paix

Character PB: Kristin Kreuk

General appearance: Nicole is a short girl with long dark brown hair and green eyes. Her skin is lightly tanned from her being outside as much as she is. She is due to her more unfortunate line of ‘work’ not one to make a whole lot out of her appearance, so her hair is mostly a mess and it is not uncommon that a thin layer of dirt in covering her skin and of course her dress.

After she got hired as a shop helper, she is trying her best to appear as clean as her work of being in contact with plants, tinctures and ointments allows it. Anyway, she can't look like the street rat she isn't now anymore. (And she hopes that nobody she had run into before would recognize her at her new, proper work place).

Her posture is one that could mistake her for being from a wealthy or at least a respected family, and she was. And old habits die hard. She is also mostly well-spoken and if cleaned up and placed in better clothes she would fit in among the respectable citizens without any trouble. She does sometimes look very disoriented or confused when she is attempting to do something where she doesn’t feel she can deliver a proper result.

Clothing: Actually, Nicole’s wardrobe is very large for someone who steals. She has a few dresses that she use in her daily life. Dresses that of course by her own hand have been fitted with some extra pockets here and there on the outside for the money she can receive when selling her body, however also hidden from sight are some pockets for the goods or purses she steals. She also has one fancy dress that is not yet sold for profit. It is an old dress for parties and its fashion is long gone. Of footwear she have only a pair of boots that used to belong to her brother, they are a bit too large for her feet so she often don’t use them.

Personality: Nicole is a very nice person. She wanted nothing more than to help her parents and would gladly suffer a great deal to make sure they are happy. She comes from a family with traditions in the French Hussars and that means that her family has had horses around always. Of course now all but one is sold.

She lived to take care of her parents and that is the one thing that really drove her in this world, making her ready to do anything for it. However even if she needed to provide and take care of her parents she also enjoys life most of the time. She loves horses and she enjoys swimming a lot. She used to swim a lot with her brother.

When she lost both her parents, she felt that nothing had sense for her anymore. She doesn't expect much from life, but she knows she has to work, to be devoted to Madame Lucia, who had allowed her to live in the shop, and not to steal anymore. She is convinced God has spared her for a reason, so she is turning slowly towards religion too.

On the negative side, Nicole is a bit of a perfectionist and that means that she will never be satisfied with any result she produce in anything. This mixed with the fact that her father always complained about the sorry state of the house of the Cavaliers, means that a simple job won’t suffice to bring the income to the home. So in her desire to please her father and care for him, Nicole had found it necessary to steal and prostitute herself for money as well. This of course was kept as a secret for the family. She didn’t want her father to know.

This is exactly why, after she found a respectable work, she is trying to keep her pickpocketing to a minimum - better not be caught... And after the Admiral had warned her, she is thinking about giving up entirely... but she still needs the money.

Nicole can be a bit of a dreamer, in her home there are still some old journals of her father’s left on the shelves and he have drawn many maps of the places he visited in his time as a hussar. Nicole loves to sit with these books and look at the maps and imagine being in those places and think about how nature must be like there. She sometimes finds blank pages and draw her imagination in them. And she is quite skilled in the art of drawing.

She is often very wary of questions. She knows that stealing form people is not nice, but feels that it is necessary to make her parents happy. So if questioned about something she often try to answer vaguely and get out of the situation as quickly as possible. She feels very guilty knowing how many people she stole from, but also accepts this as a necessary evil if she wishes to accomplish her goals.

Nicole has a very good imagination and she often lies on the grass behind her home and look at the stars or the dark silhouettes of the night. She loves life even if she is knowing that she is criminal and a liar. But she loves life and therefore smiles a lot. She is very loyal. Perhaps not as loyal to anyone as she is to her parents, but if there is any kind of honour in Nicole then it would be that she would never steal from, or intentionally hurt a friend.

Her lifestyle makes marriage and a continuation of the family a thing that hardly ever crosses her mind. Nicole can’t imagine herself married and not at all with a child. This thought is further enhanced by the fact that she is actually a little uncomfortable with children. Not knowing how to talk to them, hold them or what to do if they cry. So she prefers little contact with kids.

Birth place: Paris, France

Father – Jean-Luc Cavalier (deceased during the hurricane in October 1719)
Mother – Hélène Cavalier (deceased during the hurricane in October 1719)
siblings – Pierre Cavalier (deceased at war)
spouse, children, anybody else – None known

History: Born in Paris, France, Nicole was the second child of a Hussar Lieutenant and his wife. By that time her life seemed to become a good life in the respectable circle of Paris and with a wealth that might not be great, but good enough to provide what the family needed. Her father was often away, fighting for France and it was therefore up to her brother to teach her what she needed to know. He was well underway to join up with the Hussar regiment as well and therefore had less and less time to help his little sister with school work and the like.

However one day word came that their father had been injured in the war and had been crippled. It was a hard blow for the family. Nicole’s father had always been a man who enjoyed a good long walk and a long ride on the countryside. Now he was stuck to his chair or his bed. He was not himself anymore and that was something the family could feel on his mood.

As the time came for Pierre, Nicole’s brother, to head out for war, a decision had to be made. How should they provide for themselves now that the brother was going away and neither Nicole’s father or mother was fit to work. Jean-Luc refused to see his daughter as part of the working class. Not so much because he didn’t see the logic in it, but he felt he would lose face in front of his friends if he sent his daughter into work.

So he made a decision. A bad decision. The first of many in fact. He declared to his friends that he would relocate to the colonies in the Caribbean for the remainder of his days in retirement. He spent a fortune to get as much with him as possible and when they reached the Caribbean shores the family fortune was severely diminished. They of course still had some horses and the value of the things they had brought along, but it was clear that they needed an income. But now that they were away from France and all of her father’s friends, she could be allowed to work as a simple citizen.

It wasn’t easy to live this way though. Each day the crippled old Hussar felt angry that his wealth got smaller and even if Nicole worked hard she was simply unable to bring home a pay large enough to provide for all three and to feed the horses as well. Even with the occasional donations from her brother it soon became clear. The horses would have to be sold. This was painful for the old cavalry man and after that he lost his motivation to do anything. Since then he was stuck in his bed, only getting up for meals.

He always complained and Nicole felt she had to work harder. One day though she found a coin purse on a desk in a tavern that was just abandoned there. She took it and walked away. She kept wanting to go back with it to the tavern keeper but when she added it with her own pay of the day she decided that it would be good for her mother to have a little more to work with in the kitchen.

So with the first crime committed, other soon followed and no matter how guilty it made her feel, Nicole always excused her actions with the fact that it wasn’t out of greed she stole, but out of love. Actually this also helped for a while. The added income made the meals a bit better and the mood at home better as well.
But then the worst happened. Pierre had died in the service of France. And not to an enemy weapon, but to yellow fever. Nicole was devastated and for a long time simply didn’t even show up at work. She couldn’t handle any interaction with people and her ‘income’ from her stealing was low as well. Of course she was sacked from her job and when she finally got over the grief, she figured that she couldn’t tell her parents that.

So at that time her life of a criminal became complete. To make sure she had enough money when she returned each day she prostituted herself on the street, stole from people and places while perfecting her skill to avoid detection. Of course sometimes it failed but usually she was good enough to excuse, with a little added flirting, her actions to make the situation calm on the spot.

She found a honourable job in July 1719, in a herborist;s shop, but she kept her previous life on the side, as money were never enough, until she lost her parents in the hurricane in October 1719, inheriting... their debts. The parrish priest helped her bury them, then he found a buyer for the house, which was severely damaged and after paying the debts, there was not much left for her. Her employer offered her a place to sleep in the shop's storeroom, and this is how she lives since then on.

Weapon Skills: None

Anything else: None

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Player's name: Character created by Mascha and written by Mascha until December 2012, when she got taken over by Elena. All credits for everything written before December 2012 go to Mascha.
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