Miles Rowan Crawford
Miles Rowan Crawford

March 4th, 2011, 8:59 pm #1

[align=center]Date: 1th of May 1719
Place: Ile de la Gonave

HMS Rose arrived to the island at dawn, and after making a circle and looking if the area was really abandoned, they sailed into the bay the captain knew well and anchored there, close to the coast.

Miles sent a squad to investigate the island before they'd make a camp, and right now, he was standing on the quarterdeck. They were first. Well, of course, Le Phénix might be a bit late due to her repairs.

They could begin to work on the camouflage after breakfast. They brought mosot of the necessary materials, and what the mised they could get on the island - there was a lot of wood.

Mortimer Quinn
Mortimer Quinn

March 8th, 2011, 9:21 pm #2

Traveling all day, looking at the horizon, following the routine, to adjust the sails to the capricious changes of the wind and then to complete stop, created almost a chaos on board, or, at least, this seemed to Mortimer.

His mind was exaggerating it because the ship had a well-trained crew.

"Hands on deck!"
He checked on the forecastle if the anchor was well fixed, called for some sailors to store a jib which was still half hanging and approached Mr. Winston by the bayboats, just in the moment when those touched water.

"Slow! I make you responsible of them. You have to treat them like ladies!" he smiled.

Something brushed his leg, he looked down and his heart missed a beat.

Stumbling almost on a bad rolled rope he looked horrified to the little cat.

"Someone takes this thing away from here! It's not its place!" He walked away, a bit ashamed to have screamed almost like a woman and all because of a feline, when he stepped into Sinclair.

Wonderful, sure he had seen me too.
"Have you the list of the next watch?"
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March 10th, 2011, 4:53 pm #3

Marina was at her place on the topgallant yard, as they had received the order to take out the sails. Later the yards and the masts would go down too, in order to be replaced with others of different dimensions.

She liked the moment when she could see, from that height, both the sea and the land. Instead of church towers, this time there were palm forests there… Ile de la Gonave was an uninhabited island, as far as she had learnt from Mr. Quinn.

Being up there, in the rigging, had always given her a feeling of freedom, as if she was one of the seagulls around… Only that if she was a seagull, she would have flown towards other seas… the ones having witnessed her birth, and her family’s! One was feeling free on the sea... but still not as much on a British Navy vessel as on "Colomba" of her childhood...

But an annoyed scream turned her attention to the deck:

"Someone takes this thing away from here! It's not its place!" the first lieutenant had said, and Ned, who had obeyed the order „All hands on deck!” hurried to take Midori from there.

How had the little rascal got to the main deck? Marina couldn’t understand this, even if in those two weeks the kitten had grown with about two inches, becoming more daring and curious to explore everything. Anyway, she was grateful to Ned for taking care of her…
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Gareth Sinclair
Gareth Sinclair

March 10th, 2011, 8:14 pm #4

Gareth had been expecting the island to be more... well... exciting. It was a little disappointing to see nothing but palms and sand on that island where they desteny should change - hopefully.
Until now he had been bored to tears in the caribbean seas, that had been said to be so exciting.
The most exciting thing he had experienced happened... right now, when after a squeak of fear, the first lieutenant fled into one direction, a tri-coloured small kitten into the other one, tail all bristled in fear, until the cabin boy caught the small creature and presed it protectively to his chest.
It was extremely hard for Gareth not to chuckle, but then, Mr Quinn was, at least nominally, his superior. And so he reported dutifully, when he was asked that, yes, he had the list of the next watch and that all men were well and ready for service.
"And did you notice, that in the lat time, we had a problem with the damn rats?"
he added conversationally.
"Ask the quartermaster, they are ruining more and more of our victuals...."
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Mortimer Quinn
Mortimer Quinn

March 10th, 2011, 10:10 pm #5

Sinclair knew at least how to behave before a superior though, at the moment, he didn't felt like one at all.

"And did you notice, that in the lat time, we had a problem with the damn rats?"
...or maybe not, was he mocking him? He had to show who was the first lieutenant after all. Putting himself tense he stared at Sinclair with a First Lieutenant glance.

"Ask the quartermaster, they are ruining more and more of our victuals...."

He didn't need to ask, the problem was general and well known on all ships. To hold the rats under control was a duty of the crew and those sleepy hair balls called cats.

"Maybe there is a conspiracy between cats and rats, you could find a solution, like keep the cats where they belong, hungry, and chase what they have to chase."

He observed the cabin boy, who disappeared under deck with the kitty in his arms. "I'm sure there are more efficient animals for this type of work." he whispered more for himself than for the lieutenant.

A pity that rats can't see ghosts. By cats I'm not sure.

"Or we can use them as training: 'how to throw living beings over board...'" he didn't specified if with living beings he meant rats, cats or the crew in general. "Or, if we get really bored, sign the rats as pirate and start to treat them like them." he made a little pause where he gifted Sinclair a rogue smile. "Be imaginative... Let me know the results of your imagination. Next week I wish to see a recapitulation of rats population on this ship and I hope they had not time to increase in number in the meantime."

His look wandered briefly to the captain, approving his presence on the quarterdeck. Seems we have all under control, except animals.
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March 12th, 2011, 6:30 pm #6


Grigory Meshcheryakov had been forced into the navy and was only now getting really used to the strict discipline and mentality that was required of a navy man. Back when he had been sailing on a merchant ship he had been more friendly with his fellow sailing mates and that camaraderie had been necessary to overcome the fear that always lay over the merchants on these waters like a thick blanket. The change in ship had not only meant he had to get used to being part of the armed forces of a foreign country to him. He also had to build up new friendships and all that. So far he had been on good terms with the ship boy Martin. But he was a foreigner with a strange name to most people on board. Thank god no one knew he was a Jew.
Grigory was helping some other sailors prepare the anchor to be lowered. The first lieutenant had been walking around the deck correcting the sailors before he had suddenly given a girlish scream because a small cat had brushed its tail across his leg. Grigory couldn’t help but smile a bit to himself as he muttered:
“How typical… No wonder they need capable men in the Navy” He commented to himself in Russian as he continued his work.

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Gareth Sinclair
Gareth Sinclair

March 13th, 2011, 12:48 pm #7

Gareth couldn't help but grinned.
"A conspiracy? A bit far fetched, but not completely impossible."
he replied eloquently and listened with amusement to Quinns suggestions how to put the cats and/or rats to some better use. It was visible that he didn't like cats. Well, not that this was a real problem, but obviously, the first lieuteant was a bit skittish by now.
When he demanded an idea from Gareth, how to get the rat problem under control, a well-known sisyphus task on every vessel, the secod lieutenat laughed and shook his head.
"My suggestion? Give the rats boatswains. Every single rat who would get assigned to somebody like Prescott would be off the ship before you could say "cat"!!"
Snorting in disdain, Gareth wrinkled his nose.
"T'is a shame if you ask me..."
he grumbled, straightening up a bit, so he could look over the first lieutenant and shoot a black look towards the area of the main deck where Prescott was shouting at his men.

Mortimer Quinn
Mortimer Quinn

March 13th, 2011, 3:15 pm #8

He followed Sinclair's glare. Prescott had a bad reputation but even men like him were needed sometimes, or that is what the Navy says.

"Did you reported it into the log?" it wouldn't help much and still, the procedure must be followed.

"We will take care that he doesn't overuse his favourtite pastime."

As the Rose was anchored and in its best shape, Mortimer was eager to meet Le Phénix and Fate's Hand.

"Said between us, I wish I could send him as gift to our 'friends' on Le Phénix." his sympathy for frenchmen was near the one he felt for Prescott. Then, not forgetting his work he shouted to McMillan, who was an experienced sailor and not far away from the problem.
"McMillan, check the flemish horse on the mizzen topsail yard." it was not necessary to tell him to be careful.

Gareth Sinclair
Gareth Sinclair

March 13th, 2011, 6:52 pm #9

Gareth wrinkled his nose once more.
"What could I have reported?"
he asked back scornfully.
"March 15th, Prescott is a bastard. March, 16th, Prescott is still a bastard. March 17th..."
He shook his head and raked a hand through his hair, tousled by the wind.
"It is enough to know that he is and to take everything he says about a sailor with more than a grain of salt. Nonwithstanding this, I have to say that I would be more worried, if he were in a higher position, or if the men in higher positions would think like he does."
Gareth cocked his head, visibly thinking hard.
"Or doesn't. That is ertainly in the eye of the beholder."

Having spoken his mind about the boatswain, he nodded to the other lieutenant and turned around.
Even though it wasn't officially his watch, he could see that there was a lot to be supervised and controlled. Lat, but not least, said boatswain and his rattan...

Mortimer Quinn
Mortimer Quinn

March 17th, 2011, 9:46 pm #10

"March 15th, Prescott is a bastard. March, 16th, Prescott is still a bastard. March 17th..."
He couldn't hide a smile at that comment and understood second lieutenant point of view completely.

A pity that the navy works differently and accepts people like Prescott, but if we look at the articles which speaks only of punishment and death, ...

After being sure that McMillan was fixing the flemish horse, he turned to Sinclair.

"I hope we will have time to take a bath in this wonderful water." the esmerald shades of the water called him directly to jump into it. "At least, before we have to change our clothes into something that is less english."
He looked Sinclair from feets to head, amused with the idea to see Gareth Sinclair, the englishman, in another outfit than the uniform.