Gareth Sinclair
Gareth Sinclair

March 18th, 2011, 8:19 pm #11

Gareth raised an eyebrow.
Bathing was surely a nice idea, but...
"We should let Prescott take a bath first then."
he suggested dryly and smirked, when the first lieutenant threw him an incredulous glance.
"Sharks, lieutenant... we use him to scare them away first."

Marion Greenwood
Marion Greenwood

March 31st, 2011, 1:53 am #12

It was so hard to keep his eyes open. The activity was low aboard the ship as well as the candle light. Even the air itself was warm and still. If Marion didn't know any better he would say the air was sleeping too, as any sensible person at this time of the morning. He could hear the lanyards slapping in a rhythmic pattern against the mast as the weight changed from left to right, and back again trying its damnedest to put him to sleep.

It was his turn for the firewatch as the ship approached inch by inch to the island. It was certain that there was a purpose to make harbor at this island, but only god seemed to know why and God, himself, was a mysterious thing to even attempt to understand. Even when you thought you knew the answers you discovered for your question related to something else entirely. Marion had never heard of this little speck in the waters, learning of its existance only by the maps that lay spread across his working space. With the next roll of the tides, he was certain his drink would spill and ruin the more important of papers there.

Lifting his mug in a desperate attept to both stay awake and save a spillage, the map furled back to its learned state...a rolled long piece of parchment, yellowed with the sun and salt and moist air of the ship. Had he not been prepared the snap of the stiff papers might have shocked him.

The sun was rising and dawn was too slowly approaching as Marion placed his mug back to the table able a long draw of the liquid inside. He yawned, each ear sounded as if the sea herself was flooding in as he sucked in air and then released it with the maw of a lion. It was then he heard the call for all hands.
~Great.~ He mused to himself silently as he stood. Now he would be yawning right into the Captain's face, he thought undelightedly. Heavy footsteps took him to the deck, by way of the brief hallway and short staircase. By the time, he reached the open air, Marion could see the sun's sliverous interloping into the nights abode.

As the young cabinboy escorted the cat off the deck, Marion had to hold back a laugh at the thought of such a man of authority bothered by a mere mousecatcher. He turned quickly to make way for the boy following the ordders of removing the cat, holding the slat door open for them both.

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April 11th, 2011, 7:48 pm #13

Once the „Rose” reached the anchoring ground, the anchor had been dropped, the sails furled, the yards squared, the ship was looking nice and ready for the next workload. And Marina knew that it would come, but first of all she expected breakfast. And most other men did, too. However, the boatswain had piped all hands on deck, and now the tasks for the day were being given.

A bell stroke eight times that very moment. The morning watch was over. Marina descended from the rigging, blinking into the Caribbean sun as she tried to collect her thoughts. The hilly island in front of her, right in the middle of the two claws of Hispaniola, as she had seen on Mr. Greenwood’s maps, looked alluring. She was so sorry that she hadn’t been among the ones sent to search the island for wood and what else was necessary. Yes, she knew she was needed on board, like many others…

”Good morning, Sir!” she greeted the sailing master, one of her mentors, who happened to have remained close to the railing. ”This morning seems nice and good for any work. Even the flying fishes seem to enjoy it!”

They could, they didn't have boatswains to give them tasks to do...
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Marion Greenwood
Marion Greenwood

April 21st, 2011, 7:52 pm #14

Marion tried to stay grumpy and present his tiredness as a reason to head to sleep but the young topman Martin was just entirely too chipper for everything to weigh him down. A reluctant but forthcoming grin hid in the background of his face. It was there anyone could see it.
"It would be a better morning if I could head to my bunk." There he finally got his grumpiness out and in the open as another stretched yawn passed through his body and into his very soul.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't be that way. You're right. The sun is out, the compass is correct....and...we're not lost. You're right. The morning does seem nice. Why are you so awake?" He laughed a little as his attitude began weening away.

Mortimer Quinn
Mortimer Quinn

April 22nd, 2011, 9:14 am #15

"Sharks, lieutenant... we use him to scare them away first." said Sinclair. Mortimer laughed as he didn't expect jokes from a man like him but then, was it a joke?

"You really want to poison sharks with him?" if they were prevateers he would go with Sinclair, take Prescott and throw him in the water. But their uniform banned such a behavior and the fun related with it.

Shaking his head, he tried to focus on something else.
"Have you ever seen the Fate's Hand? Do you know them?"

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April 22nd, 2011, 4:55 pm #16

The sailing master was obviously still sleepy, but her greeting made him smile. Then he stretched exactly like the kitty and yawned, asking her why she was awake.

”Of course we aren’t lost, because there are good helmsmen here on the Rose she teased him.

Yes, he was good and she had learnt a lot from him, still having enough things left to learn. But once he had set the route, it was the helmsmen’s skill to follow it, so the ship was right on the point only because they had kept the good route. And at his next question, why she was awake when he was half asleep, she grinned:

”Anybody would be awake after a good coffee and four hours spent in the rigging. My watch has just finished, but I won't get to sleep yet.”

Of course she couldn't- there were lots of things still to do aboard... Besides, Marina could wake up at any hour and recover the sleep afterwards, when possible. During the four years spent in the Irish monastery it was worse than aboard the ship, because, besides the lessons, she had also to work in the kitchen.
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Gareth Sinclair
Gareth Sinclair

April 22nd, 2011, 8:31 pm #17

"Aye, even the sharks deserve better."
Gareth stated dryly. It was clear as day what he thought about Prescott.
"Although it would be a funny sight, a shark with food poisoning..."
Alas, a man could dream...

But the first lieutenants question about the "Fates Hand" made his thoughts return to a more appropriate topic quickly. What did he knew about the "Fates Hand"?

"A fine ship, for sure."
he replied thoughtfully.
"Good crew as well for all I know, not as disciplined as a Navy crew, of course, but not entirely ruffians. They know when to party and when to work and what more can you expect of a privateer crew. The captain sadly fell ill, as far as I know and the first mate is acting captain now. For the better or the worse, this is yet to be seen..."
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Mortimer Quinn
Mortimer Quinn

April 24th, 2011, 10:23 am #18

"Yes, first mates can be very different from their captains." he thought about Captain Miles, giving a glance in his direction and himself, he sighed.

"And you have surely heard about Le Phenix too, I suppose. What is your point of view related with this little alliance?"

It was little, of course, because they would never hug like brothers, over all not the french navy and less Duval. There was an abyss between their culture, their language and their way to act. He could admire french arts but that was it.

Also the recent episode of Le Phenix made it difficult not to reconsider an alliance with such a ship.

Gareth Sinclair
Gareth Sinclair

April 24th, 2011, 1:16 pm #19

Gareth sighed and shrugged.
"Well, from what I know there is not much to say about this alliance."
he stated.
"True, England and France had been enemies for centuries. True, there is either much trust or much love lost between or country.
Also true, the "Le Phenix" was defeated by a vessel of a quarter of her size and true, the rumours about why the ship... escaped, cast a more than sinister light on captain Duval. But to me that are emotions, rumours, whispers and ressentiments if I may borrow the word from our new allies. I will try to stick to the facts and the fact is, that France offers us help against our current enemies as well as against the annoying pirates. And after all... you can say what you want, but Duval is rather... young. Well, not compared to us, but to be a captain, a fleet captain, come to that. And I doubt that even his familie influence would have catapulted him up there, if he were completely incompetent. What I am trying to say with that is, we could have had it worse."

Marion Greenwood
Marion Greenwood

April 24th, 2011, 6:52 pm #20

”Of course we aren’t lost, because there are good helmsmen here on the Rose!” Marion turned his head towards the young topman with a bitter grin pursing his lips slightly and wrinkling his nose. If he were a betting man, he might have just put a few coins down on having been made fun of. But, of course, he wasn't...atleast not this day.
"Good helmsmen. They're only as good as their information. Sure, sure, they recognize the landmarks and turn the rudder...but would they know how to use the angle of the sun to find their way along a blandless ocean devoid of any markers?" His eyes narrowed towards the target of his conversation, teasing himself in return.
"I didn't think so. They would be just as blnd as the cabin boy in a brothel if it weren't for the Navigator and his Assistant." He sad matter of factly, setting the matter right. As if the fate of the world hung in the balance of his own worth. It was hard to be Marion, having to put up with everyone's jokes and doing so with a smile and a bout of humor. So terribly hard.

"So why is it that your watch is over and you are wide awake and my watch is over and I am ready to fall over?" Marion paused waiting a brief moment for a joke to be thrown back at him. It didn't happen though As the time he alotted for his pupil was brief. Everyone might have to be on top of their game in that regard.
"I suspect your youth has something to do with the blame. You had free reign of patrol, didn't you?" He turned his eyes to poor young Martin.
"You know what we need? We need shore leave...and not on some dainty little island. Do you think we'll ever get orders to sail the East Coast of the Colonies?" He asked, already missing the stabil land and ground, the Oak Trees and shad in a meadow grove along a lazy day. Oh but the adventure about the sea, that's what's kept him here for so long.