USA white album question/identification

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I have just got a USA White album, but have a couple of questions. It looks identical to the one identified in Spizer's Beatles on Apple records as APP 101.SR2(af), although perhaps a tad lighter green(darker than SR4). It is complete, including a spacer(!) and near mint, with slight tearing to one seam. It also has what appears to be concentric circles(?grooves) visible on the labels. Info on this most welcome. Pressing/value?


PS also got one side of White album, one box EMI with UK numbered cover, "Pete" in run-off. Please confirm Singapore?
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Singapore would be my first guess -- show pics and I can confirm. The WA was reissued in Israel circa 1970/71 on black one box labels without designation of origin, but it came in a non-UK single sleeve.