Nicaragua - Yellow Submarine on Apple!

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Here's proof that undocumented Beatles record keep surfacing. Yellow Submarine was released in Nicaragua on old style black Odeon labels. I assume it was a slow seller, because copies surface pretty infrequently. I assumed it was such a slow seller that it never was reissued, because (1) neither I nor the small band of international Beatles LP obsessives with whom I correspond had ever seen a different version; and (2) our own Apple obsessives, 57th Beatle and Garfield, did not show any Apple version on their site.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, I had that familiar and pleasurable experience of not believing what I saw: a Nicaragua copy of Yellow Submarine on Apple labels. I was the lucky winner, and it arrived this morning.

Here's label A:

Here's label B:

The black Odeon version came in a plastic sandwich sleeve, but this one is in a cardboard sleeve with slick construction.

The rear slick was off-center, so the left edge is cut off. SISA (Nicaragua) manufacturing credit at the top.